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Geriatrics Program

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Examples of Successful Aging

Illustrated in Visual Art, Poem, Prose, or Song

The Geriatrics faculty of SIU School of Medicine believe there are wonderful things to be said for growing older – even more than just “it beats the alternative.”

GOAL:  To counterbalance common stereotypes and myths about aging and the elderly that may cloud the perspective of our medical students (the next generation of physicians) toward the aging patient population.

As someone who models “Successful Aging” we are asking you to share your ‘secret recipe’ for handling the challenges and opportunities that come with the passage of each year.  With every birthday, another candle is added to the cake and marks another year of experience, wisdom, work, play, prayer, and even loss.  How do you cope?  How do you manage?  What makes each year a little sweeter than the one before?

SIU School of Medicine is asking for your input as we develop a new element for the Geriatrics Curriculum that is focused on strengthening positive opinions of elders and the aging process…the ‘UPSIDE’ of aging!

Send us your thoughts and illustrations:

Chris Reavis, MA
Director, Elder Specialist Program
SIU School of Medicine
PO Box 19622
Springfield, IL 62794-9622

Phone: 217/545-4187