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Office of Education and Curriculum


Student Advisory Committee


  • Provide a forum for student concerns regarding professional behavior and the School of Medicine Honor Code.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of student complaints, and if deemed necessary, redirect to the Student Progress Committee.
  • Serve students in an advisory capacity in matters dealing with ethical and professional behavior.
  • Educate the student body about the School of Medicine Honor Code.
  • Ensure confidentiality of all Student Advisory Committee (SAC) proceedings.

Structure and Process

  • The Committee shall be composed of the five (5) student members appointed to the Student Progress Committee and eight (8) members elected at-large by their respective classes: two (2) Year One students; two (2) Year Two students; two (2) Year Three students and two (2) Year Four students.
  • Elections for Year One students shall be held approximately one month following the election of other class officers, so there is ample time for students to get to know each other.  Elections for Year Two, Three and Four students will be held at the same time as the regular class officer elections.
  • Students who have concerns/issues/allegations to be addressed by the Student Advisory Committee should first contact one of their class peer group members.  This person is responsible for convening the appropriate class peer group for review of the concern/issue/allegation.
  • Once a concern is transmitted to the appropriate student peer group, that group shall convene within five (5) working days to consider the concern/issue/allegation. If the relevant peer group is unable to reach consensus regarding what action, if any, is to occur, the entire Student Advisory Committee will be convened to consider the matter.
  • Either the relevant peer group or the Student Advisory Committee will consider the matter and decide to only advise the student who originally brought forth the concern/issue/allegation, OR refer it to the Student Progress Committee for appropriate action.