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Office of Education and Curriculum


General Information

Financial Aid

  • Outside Activities

You are requested to notify the Office for Student Affairs/Carbondale or Springfield before participating in any type of employment, research, or classes other than medical school.  This information serves two major purposes:  1) it gives the office a record of participation in non-curricular activities, and 2) it provides information for future first year students about the kinds of enrichment activities available in Carbondale.

You should take under advisement the recommendation made by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs/Carbondale before making a final commitment to any outside activity.

The following procedures are recommended for entry into each of the activities:

  • Employment

    You must clear all employment with the Office of Student Affairs/Carbondale or Springfield prior to making a commitment. They will approve the work activity if you are in good standing academically, and it appears that the work activity will not conflict with upcoming curricular activities.

  • Basic Research

    You may participate in laboratory research with faculty members when time is available for your enrichment or other purposes.  Faculty permission and specification of the number of hours per week to be spent in the laboratory are required for participation.

Health Care Services

  • Carbondale

    To obtain primary care services for yourself, you should first make an appointment at the Student Health Program (SHP) Clinic (5362391) located in Small Group Housing on the West Side of Campus.  Please note that no benefits are provided for office visits outside of the SHP Clinic, unless a student has been properly referred.  Referrals are explained below.  To take advantage of the services available at the Student Health Program, please follow these procedures:


      In the event of a non-emergency illness or injury contact the SHP Clinic at 5362391, (TDD 453-3384) to make an appointment.  All patients seen at the SHP must have an appointment to see a provider.


      In the event you require emergency treatment and it is a weekend or after 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, you are advised to first call the Dial-A-Nurse (5365585) and speak to the Registered Nurse advisor.  The SHP Dial-A-Nurse provides after hours telephone consultation for illness or injury. In addition to giving you self-care advice, the RN advisor can help you decide if your illness or injury requires immediate care at the emergency room or schedule you for an appointment at the SHP Clinic the following day.  Inappropriate use of the emergency room will cause you to be responsible for any charges in excess of $35.00.

      If your condition is life-threatening however, do not delay by calling the nurse; go immediately to the emergency room at the Memorial Hospital.  When you arrive at the emergency room, please identify yourself as a SIU-C student.


      You must be properly referred by a SHP physician, prior to obtaining specialty care.

      For further information refer to the SIU-C Student Health Manual.  A copy of the SIU-C Student Health Manual will be mailed to each registered student after the start of the Fall semester.

  • Springfield

    Refer to:  Springfield Medical Student Health Resources

Medical Resource Center

Medical Library


    Mailboxes should be checked several times daily and cleaned out regularly. Mailboxes are to be considered the private domain of the assigned student. Reviewing other people’s mail is a breech of professional behavior and may be reported as such.

  • Carbondale

    Mailboxes for first-year students are located in the Student Lounge, Room 203, Lindegren Hall.

  • Springfield

    Mailboxes for are located in the student lounge located on the second floor of 801 North Rutledge, Room 2001.


  • Carbondale

    A telephone is located in the Student Lounge on the second floor of Lindegren Hall (453-3719).  This phone will accept only local calls.  For school related long distance calls, see the secretary in the Office of Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (Carbondale, Room 132).

  • Springfield

    There is a phone (for local calls only) provided for student use in the Student Business Office on the second floor, Room 2001, and the Student Lounge, Room 2281, of 801 North Rutledge.

    Telephones in faculty and staff offices and in open reception areas are not to be used unless permission has been granted by the individual to whom the phone is assigned.


  • Carbondale

Computers are located in all tutor rooms and the Medical Resource Center.  Contact Information Resources Carbondale (435-1514; Lindegren Hall Room 102) to report problems or to borrow computer equipment. 

  • Springfield

    Computers are available in the Student Lounge (1) and the Student Business Office (6), Education and Curriculum Computer Assessment and Instruction Laboratory 801/3, Room 3060J (16 computers and 1 printer).  Computers are also available in the clerkship locations (Internal Medicine (4), Surgery (2), Peds (4), OBGYN (2), Psych (2), FCM (1), and Neuro (1)).

    The following software is available on the above computers: Microsoft Office 2003, USMLE Practice Exams, CCX Practice Case, Internet Access, etc.

Curriculum Bulletin Boards

  • Carbondale Year One Curriculum materials are posted in Lindegren Hall in the glass case adjacent to the elevator on the third floor .

  • Springfield The curriculum bulletin board is located on the second floor in the southeast corridor near the Student Lounge. This board contains the official calendar and a section for each discipline. All schedule changes are posted on this board and each discipline posts current information. Board should be checked daily. Only curricular material may be placed on this board.

Student Study Areas

  • Carbondale

    Students will be assigned a key to Lindegren Hall during orientation for access to all student study areas.  Designated study areas include all tutor rooms as well as room 208.  Students may also access the student lounge, histology lab, and gross anatomy lab. In addition to your key, you will be issued a security pass authorizing you to be in this building at times other than 8-5, Monday through Friday.
    Responsibility for maintaining the space allotted for study rests with the persons using the space.  Keep it clean. Personal belongings should not be left in the Medical Resource Center, mail boxes, or tutor/study rooms, but should be kept in your locker.

  • Springfield

Study areas for all students are located in the Student Business Office (801/2201), Student Lounge (801/2281), and Student Computer Lab (801/3060J).  In addition, Year 2 students can also use their tutor rooms (801/2209-2340) for studying, and space is provided at all clerkship locations for Year 3 student.

Microfiche Readers and Microscopes

  • Carbondale

    Microscope assignments are made by stockroom checkout, Room 307.  The microscopes must be returned in working condition at the end of the academic year. 


  • Carbondale

Locker assignments for year one students are made by stockroom checkout, Room 307C, Lindegren Hall.

  • Springfield

    Locker assignments are made in the Office of Student Affairs.  The lockers for year two students are located in the second floor southwest corridor.  Students must provide their own locks and are responsible for clearing them out at the end of year two.


  • Carbondale Campus

Parking stickers are required for on-campus parking.

  • Springfield Campus

Parking stickers may be purchased at the Security Office between 7:30 am, and 4:30 pm. Monday through Friday at the Security Office, 801 North Rutledge (first floor, north door) and must be properly displayed on all vehicles parked in any University owned parking lot. All outstanding parking citations must be paid in full before a new sticker can be purchased. The basic fee to purchase an annual parking sticker is $70. For those employees earning less than $20,000 per year and for students, the fee is $45 per year. Stickers for a second vehicle owned by the purchaser of the original sticker can be purchased for $20 each. Current stickers expire September 1. For additional information, call the Security Office, 545-7777. The entire text of the Motor Vehicle Regulations for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine at Springfield is available on the School's Intranet or from the Security Office.  There is a $1.00 per day charge for a temporary parking pass;  see Security to obtain a temporary pass.

  • Springfield Hospitals

    St. John’s Hospital:  Students may park on the 4th level of the parking ramp located on the corner of Seventh and Madison Streets. See Security, Room 1004A, to obtain a temporary parking pass.

  • Memorial Medical Center:  Students may only park in SIU parking areas.  Parking stickers are required and may be purchased from the Security Office, Room 1071A at 801 North Rutledge. See Security to obtain a temporary pass.

SIU School of Medicine Smoking Policy

  • Purpose

    It is recognized that smoking is a health and fire hazard and is considered unpleasant or offensive to many nonsmokers. The School of Medicine is strongly committed to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of its employees, students, patients, and visitors and, therefore, seeks to provide a smoke-free environment.

  • School of Medicine Facilities at Carbondale

    Smoking in School of Medicine buildings and facilities is not permitted.

  • School of Medicine Facilities at Springfield

    Smoking is not permitted in School of Medicine - Springfield buildings and facilities.

  • Memorial Medical Center

Smoking is not permitted in the hospital or on any property owned by Memorial. This includes outside courtyards, sidewalks, etc., which are on Memorial’s property.

  • St. John’s Hospital

    Smoking is not permitted in St. John’s Hospital.

  • Procedures

    It is expected that persons will exhibit common courtesy, will respect School of Medicine policies, and will adhere to the restrictions of this policy.

    It is the responsibility of department chairmen or unit administrators to enforce this policy. Should persons fail to adhere to the regulations governing this policy, the following steps should be taken:

    • Oral warning
    • Written warning
    • Written reprimand, copy of which is sent to the Dean and Provost, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, or the Director of Personnel, as appropriate, for determination of disciplinary action.

    The Personnel Department has the responsibility to see that written smoking regulations are posted and made known in general to all School of Medicine students, staff, and faculty.  “No Smoking” signs are to be used.