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SIUSOM Y3 Student Absence Policy


Students are expected to participate in all activities of the third year.

3.1 Regarding Illness/Bereavement/Emergency Absences

3.2 Regarding Medical Appointments

3.3 Regarding Religious Holidays

3.4 Regarding Other Non-Emergency Absences

The Clerkship Director will determine how the student will make up missed curricular time.

All absences will be submitted centrally through the “Time Off” request form:
(Link To Be Added)

Students are asked to complete the “Time Off” request form to make their formal request with submission to the selected departmental director of which they seeking to be excused from in either the Core or PEP.  All absences will be reported to and monitored by the Office of Student Affairs and the Year Three Director. Students with multiple absences will be discussed at the Year 3 Student Progress Subcommittee (Y3 SPS). The Y3 SPS will make recommendations regarding student support actions and remediation for those with multiple absences that will be sent to the SIU School of Medicine Student Progress Committee as needed.




Approved: 10/28/2013

Revised: 6/2016