To All SIU-SOM Employees and Medical Students:

This is a reminder of the process for a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure. We will send this reminder twice a year.

If you have a Bloodborne pathogen exposure (needle-stick, cut, puncture wound, mucous membrane splash or skin exposure), follow these procedures:

During work hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., immediately call the Employee Health Nurse, Virginia (Jenny) Copple at 545-8970 or page her at 492-2446. Her office is located in Human Resources at the Calhoun Complex — Room 165.

After hours, weekends or holidays call SIU answering service at 545-8000 and have them page the Infectious Disease Doctor on call.

If the exposure is after hours please notify the Employee Health Nurse the next day. You will need to complete forms concerning the exposure.

St. John’s Hospital Exposure procedure:

Memorial Medical Center and All Other Exposures: