winter weather graphic

Weather Emergency Policy


The following steps will be taken in a weather related emergency.


1)   Dean Kruse has the option of closing the entire school.  If that occurs, email and radio announcements will be broadcast.  No classes or clerkships will run for any student in Springfield.


2)   If Dean Kruse does not close the entire school, Drs. Constance and Klamen have the option of closing the curriculum for the Year 2, 3, and/or 4 classes.  Note that on occasion one class may be cancelled (Y2) while other classes (Y3 and 4) will not be.  In the case of a cancellation, the years affected will be sent an email notifying them that classes are cancelled.  For example, if the Y2 classes are cancelled, the Y2's will receive an email to that effect.  Therefore, if a student does NOT receive an email from Drs. Constance and Klamen, the student should assume that the curriculum has NOT been cancelled.


3)   Regardless of decisions above, it is the responsibility of the 4th year student to contact his/her supervising faculty regarding activities on that day.