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Abdullah Al Sawaf , MD

Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology

Tom Ala, MD

Professor - Department of Neurology

Bilal Butt, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, Specialty in NeuroCritical Care and Stroke

Samantha Dial, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, Neurology Residency Program Director

James M. Gilchrist, MD

Chair and Professor, Department of Neurology, Executive Director, Neuroscience Institute

Louis Graham, MD

Assistant Professor - Department of Neurology

Carolyn D. Holmes, MSN, RN-BC

Research Instructor, Curriculum Development Specialist

Jacob Monsivais, PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant

Sajjad Mueed, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center at Memorial Medical