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Regional staff are involved in a number of different projects in varying capacities and represent the SIU School of Medicine on a number of boards, councils, etc.  Examples of some of these include:

  • Baby Brain Development - Partnering with SIU Medicine's Office of Population Science and Policy, regional efforts are underway to focus on baby brain development initiatives in different areas.
  • Governor's Rural Affairs Council (GRAC)  - Founded in 1986 by executive order, led by the lieutenant governor, and comprised of a group of government agencies, academic institutions, rural advocacy groups, and citizen members to ensure the strength of rural Illinois.
  • Health Career Exploration Programming - To connect the dots between school and career, health career exploration programming is happening throughout the region.
  • Illinois EMS Alliance - A fast-growing coalition of EMS providers and stakeholders from across the state that support increased resources and smart reforms for EMS.
  • Illinois Rural Health Association - A not-for-profit formed in 1989 committed to health care for rural Illinoisans.
  • Opioid Crisis - Regional efforts are underway to address the opioid crisis impacting the people of central and southern Illinois.
  • Outreach - Regional staff attend health coalition, interagency and coordinating council meetings throughout their regions in order to cultivate relationships with and among the communities they serve.
  • Regional Cancer Partnership - A partnership working to provide cancer control, prevention, and education for central Illinois.
  • Rural Partners - One of 39 State Rural Development Councils serving as the voice of rural Illinois.
  • Where Medicine Meets Public Health - A continuing professional development series focused on topics important to both medicine and public health.
    • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
    • WIC