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Regional staff are involved in a number of different projects in varying capacities and represent the SIU School of Medicine on a number of boards, councils, etc.  Examples of some of these include:

  • CareeRX - CareeRX is a pipeline program involving 10 area high schools that offers programming during the school year for the purpose of exposing students to various careers in the medical profession.
  • Community College Pathways to Medicine (CCPM) -  In partnership with Lincoln Trail Community College, a pipeline program that meets 4 times during the school year with the purpose of encouraging upper level high school and community college students from Crawford and surrounding counties toward a career in the medical profession.
  • Drug Endangered Children Alliance (DEC) - With guidance from the National DEC Alliance, the Illinois DEC Alliance serves to raise awareness and provide educational opportunities about drug endangered children to the various communities in our service area through statewide leadership and collaboration.
  • Farm Family Resource Initiative (FFRI) - A partnership with Illinois government and agricultural stakeholders formed to address the social-emotional-physical needs of farmers and their families. 
  • Governor's Rural Affairs Council (GRAC)  - Founded in 1986 by executive order, led by the lieutenant governor, and comprised of a group of government agencies, academic institutions, rural advocacy groups, and citizen members to ensure the strength of rural Illinois.
  • Health Career Exploration Programming - To connect the dots between school and career, health career exploration programming is happening throughout the region.
  • Illinois EMS Alliance - A fast-growing coalition of EMS providers and stakeholders from across the state that support increased resources and smart reforms for EMS.
  • Illinois Rural Health Association - A not-for-profit formed in 1989 committed to health care for rural Illinoisans.
  • Lincoln Scholars Program (LSP) - A new Doctor of Medicine program designed to prepare the next generation of generalist rural physicians.  
  • Opioid Crisis - Regional efforts are underway to address the opioid crisis impacting the people of central and southern Illinois.
  • Outreach - Regional staff attend health coalition, interagency and coordinating council meetings throughout their regions in order to cultivate relationships with and among the communities they serve.
  • Regional Cancer Partnership - A partnership working to provide cancer control, prevention, and education for central Illinois.
  • Rural Partners - One of 39 State Rural Development Councils serving as the voice of rural Illinois.
  • Upward Bound - A program offered through Illinois Eastern Community Colleges for first generation high school students, this collaboration involves multiple opportunities for students to learn about various medical careers as well as participate in various workshops.  200 students from 11 high schools and 8 counties are involved.
  • Where Medicine Meets Public Health - A continuing professional development series focused on topics important to both medicine and public health.
    • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
    • WIC