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Distance Learning

SIU SOM PA Program Technology Requirements

 The Program offers a wide variety of Information Resources, ranging from computer technology to Internet access and online medical databases.  The Program places some of the latest technological innovations at your disposal.  Computer resource sessions are provided.  The goal of these sessions is not to make our students computer professionals, but to familiarize them with current computer technology and assist them in gaining the skills needed to compete in the computerized world of medicine today.  In years past, computer technology was barely present in the medical environment.  However, now, computer technology touches practically every aspect of it.  Whether ordering laboratory tests via a desktop computer or generating SOAP notes on a hand-held computer, an understanding of computer technology for the medical professional is essential.  Therefore, the PA Program included computer resource sessions in its medical curriculum.  Students learn the basics of computer operation, including operating system familiarization, software manipulation and basic system maintenance.  Again, our goal is not to make our students into pocket protector geeks; but rather, to prepare them to compete in the dynamic world of medicine on par with future cotemporaries.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning is increasingly becoming a means to an end, with several colleges offering entire degree programs online.  The PA Program now has a distance learning degree program called the Master’s Completion Program (MCP).  We embrace the concept of distance learning also by offering many of our resources online.  This access enables our students to complete assignments on any computer equipped with Internet access.  The Program employs computer technicians to assist our students and staff.  If you, the potential student, have technical questions concerning our computer resources, direct them to the following e-mail address,

Computer Components

 If you are considering purchasing a computer prior to matriculation, suggestions to assist your selection can be obtained by calling the following phone number: (618) 453-5155


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