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All listed amounts are approximations only and subject to change 

Please be advised that due to its nature, students accepted into the Physician Assistant Program will incur higher tuition rates than other Graduate students.

Tuition rates are established by the SIU Board of Trustees but still remain competitive with other PA programs. 

Students accepted into the Physician Assistant Program will have expenses in addition to the University’s tuition and fees.  These expenses are listed below.

Annual Tuition and Fees 2012/2013 Update (not including housing)

·          MSPA In-state Tuition – Assessed at $750 per credit hour (may increase without notice by action of the SIU Board of Trustees)

·         MSPA Out-of-State Tuition – Assessed at 1.5 times the $750 above.  Out-of-state students do not receive the border state tuition decrease, but can be lowered if residency is established.  Talk with the Graduate School Registration Office at (618) 453-2969 or the Program Academic Advisor.

·         MCP Distance Learning (Online) Tuition – Assessed at $582 per credit hour (may increase without notice)

Fees are assessed as listed below and cap out at 12 credit hours:

Credit Hours:              Fee Charged:               Credit Hours:              Fee Charged:

            1                      $    658.57                               2                      $      651.14

            3                            843.71                               4                              936.28

            5                         1,028.85                               6                            1,121.42   

            7                         1,213.99                               8                            1,306.56

            9                         1,399.13                               10                          1,491.70

            11                       1,584.27                               12                          1,676.34               

Please be advised that border state students will not receive a tuition decrease.  Therefore they will pay a higher tuition rate.  Establishing residency to receive the in-state tuition rate can be applied for after six (6) months with a form and certain requirements.

MSPA Additional Expenses: (approximations only)

            • Intern Jackets (2) -- $100

            • Diagnostic Kit -- $300-$450

            • Stethoscope -- $200

            • Reflex Hammer and Tuning Fork -- $20-$50

            • Professional Association Dues (State and National) -- $200

            • Textbooks – Up to $1,000

            • Housing and Transportation -- varies by individual

            • National Commission for Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)                                        Examination Fee -- $450

            • Vaccinations -- varies by individual and agency fee          

Also check the SIU Financial Aid website for a Physician Assistant Budget.  Each school year a new Budget is calculated to reflect changes in tuition according to the Board of Trustee actions. .  There is no budget posted for the Summer semesters. See credit hour tuition and fees above to estimate the cost.


Relocation Information

The first year, Phase I, is spent in Carbondale on campus at SIU.  The second year, Phase II, students complete clinical rotations.  Phase II students are required to live in their hubsite location. Applicants must be aware that they may be required to relocate, depending on hubsite assignment, (other than the Carbondale Site) during Phase II for approximately 12 months.  Current hubsite information can be acquired by calling the Program.  Phase III is an 8-week preceptorship that is arranged individually and in conjunction with the Program Hubsite Coordinator.




The mission of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health care needs through education, patient care, research, and service to the community.


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