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Department of Pediatrics

Pediatrics Clerkship

studentsWelcome to the Pediatrics Clerkship website.  As you explore our site you will view information regarding the structure of our six week rotation. 

While rotating through the various specialty clinics, ambulatory clinics, newborn nursery and inpatient wards students appreciate the distinct qualities of the field of pediatrics.  Pediatrics is a unique specialty within the field of medicine because it is centered on the growth and development of its subjects.  It is the fundamental purpose of this clerkship to foster in our students an understanding of this uniqueness.  It is essential for every physician, regardless of field of medicine, to understand how different the medical, surgical and psychiatric problems of infants and children are from those same problems in adults.

It is our goal that each student gains a greater understanding of the unique relationship between pediatric patients, their families and their physician.

Tracy K. Lower, MD