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Department of Pediatrics

Clerkship Requirements


  • Logbooks
  • ED2 Card
  • Faculty Observed Student Exam (FOSE Card)
  • Patient Write-ups


Students utilize the electronic logbook to keep track of all patients seen during the clerkship (inpatient and outpatient) with the clinic name (e.g., GI Clinic, ER, Hospital), discipline, diagnoses, whether the experience was observed or a workup performed, and any procedures performed or observed.


If a student does not have exposure to an adequate amount of patients, extra clinic(s) are assigned to gain the appropriate exposure. The logbook must be complete with all entries done by the afternoon of the board shelf exam to receive a “meets expectations” for this requirement.  


The final score for the clerkship is not released until the student’s logbook is completed.









ED2 Card

In the clerkship portfolio is a chart listing of all patient types that must be seen prior to completing the clerkship. An attending physician or a resident will sign for each patient type. This card is reviewed for progress at the midterm meeting.  


Faculty Observed Student Exam (FOSE Card)

A listing the specific examinations that must be observed prior to completing the clerkship is in the center of the clerkship portfolio. Special attention should be paid to pediatric-specific techniques of physical examination. All exam components may not be performed on the same patient. Doing one exam component at a time (e.g. neuro exam for baby) may be more meaningful to the student, more convenient for the preceptor, and more tolerable for the patient. Examination techniques may be observed during either the inpatient or outpatient portion of the clerkship. The attending physician observes the student and provides immediate feedback. During the inpatient portion of the clerkship time may be scheduled with the pediatric hospitalist to complete patient physical examinations for the FOSE card.


Patient Write-ups

Each student is required to complete 4 patient write-ups over the course of the clerkship. Students with an SIU preceptor will write 3 H&Ps and 2 EHR notes. Those with a community preceptor are required to write 4 H&Ps and no EHR notes.


A minimum of 2 H&Ps must be completed on inpatient rotation and a maximum of 2 can be completed while on outpatient. The EHR note requirements must be completed on outpatient while in an ambulatory clinic. Therefore, those students with an SIU preceptor can only complete a maximum of 3 H&Ps on inpatient.


The absolute deadline for write up submission in 4:30p Tuesday of the 6th week of the clerkship.