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Department of Pediatrics

Chief Residents of Pediatrics

Thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Residency Program at Southern Illinois University. I hope that you find our website helpful in learning more about us and getting a feel for what life is like as a resident at SIU.

From the resident perspective, we have found the faculty, staff, and administration to be excellent in the education and support they provide. Our residents have the opportunity to learn from faculty who chose to be here because resident teaching is a top priority for them. In a program without fellows, the residents work directly with attending physicians in developing differential diagnoses and treatment plans for patients. The residents have first shot at all procedures, and each resident is treated as a potential fellow in their field. Because of the size and culture of this program, in many instances, the attendings not only become mentors, but also friends.

Graduates from this program are fully prepared to enter general pediatrics or continue their training in a fellowship of their choosing. Residents here enjoy each other’s company and find each other a tremendous source of support and camaraderie throughout the ups and downs of residency training. We have been fortunate to attract a talented group of residents with varied life experiences who share the common ability to have fun and work hard both inside and outside of the hospital. Springfield and the surrounding areas provide abundant outdoor recreational activities. If you value a quality education in addition to “life” outside of residency, this is the program for you.

Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in the application process. I look forward to meeting you in person!

-Laura & Ryan

Chief Resident Group

Laura Holzum M.D., Ryan Uy M.D.

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Address: St. John's Pavilion
             301 N. 8th St.
             Springfield, IL 62701