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Department of Pediatrics

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All For   Kids LogoPediatric patients may be admitted to St. John's Children's Hospital by their primary care physicians who have admitting privileges or by the SIU Hospitalist physicians. Depending on their presenting problems, they may be cared for in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit by the SIU Critical Care team or to the General Pediatric Service cared for by SIU Pediatricians. A faculty physician is the attending of record for patients on the hospitalist service and will see the patient daily and record a note in the medical record. Pediatric residents will assist in patient care and work directly with the attending for children admitted on all services, including those following by their community physician. Regardless of which service a child is on, every patient is cared for by a team consisting of one or more attending physicians, a PL1 resident and a enior (PL2 or PL3) resident.

If you have a patient requiring inpatient care, and you are interested
in contacting the SIU team, please call (877) ALL-4-KIDS.**