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Department of Pediatrics

Neonatal Medicine

Neonatal Team

The Division of Neonatology runs two neonatal centers: a level III NICU at St. John's Hospital and a level II nursery at Memorial Medical Center. The NICU at St. John's Children's Hospital is part of the state of Illinois Perinatal Center. Our 40-bed unit provides care to about 500 seriously ill newborns each year. The NICU team consists of specially trained nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation specialists, social service workers, pharmacists, nutritionists and chaplains, as well as neonatology attendings and pediatric residents.

Faculty & Staff

    Dan Batton

     Daniel Batton, MD - Division Chair


    Beau Batton

     Beau Batton, MD


    Ginger Darling

     Ginger Darling, MD


    Magali Jean-Louis

     Magali Jean-Louis, MD


    Laura Vargas

     Venkata Majjiga, MD, MRCPCH


    Dharmendra Nimavat

     Dharmendra Nimavat, MD


    Laura Vargas

     Laura Vargas, MD


  • Brenda Bigley, CNNP
  • Ruth Jackson, CNNP
  • Kathleen Nacke, CNNP
  • Julie Wetmore, CNNP


  • High Risk Nursery Follow-Up Clinic

Contact Information

Phone: (217) 757-6428 and (217) 757-6429
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm
Address: St. John's Pavilion
             301 N. 8th St.
             Springfield, IL 62701

Physician Referrals

  • (217) 757-6428