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Department of Pediatrics

Patient Information

Mother and baby in the NICUWelcome to SIU Pediatrics! We are dedicated to improving the health and lives of children, and we are committed to providing your child the best pediatric health care available.

We have gathered a menu of information for you, which we hope will answer some of your questions and direct you to answers you still need. "Before Your Appointment" outlines some important information to bring to your child's appointment as well as some logistical details to make your visit as smooth as possible. We have also provided driving directions and access to maps if that would be helpful. Our "Fun Stuff for Kids" page has a few child-friendly links your family may enjoy. Our "Parent Help Line" page connects you to a wealth of valuable information from
St. John's Children's Hospital, and finally we have provided access to some of the latest child health information from the American Academy of Pediatrics. We hope you find this information useful. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's physician if you need any further information.