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Department of Pediatrics

Plastic Surgery

The Institute for Plastic Surgery is an academic surgical practice offering specialized medical and surgical care to adults and children in central and southern Illinois and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to high quality patient care, education, research and scientific publishing.  All are leaders in national plastic surgery organizations and surgical education. Our surgical services include cosmetic, burn, congenital, reconstructive and hand surgery. We provide specialized care in the treatment of burns and problem wounds.
The professional staff offers hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, cosmetic counseling, laser surgery and skin care programs.
We strive to provide our patients caring and high quality service in a convenient and modern setting.
Our Mission is to offer service, education and research, and is accomplished through individual commitment to service and teamwork.
The Institute for Plastic Surgery offers some of the finest facilities and most highly qualified staff in the nation. It is committed to achieving the highest standard of excellence in all areas of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery strives to restore appearance and function for patients with defects resulting from trauma, infection, tumors, burns, birth defects or disease. Cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery attempts to improve the patient's appearance.
The Institute is known nationally and internationally for its work in many areas including microsurgery, hand surgery and therapy, reconstructive surgery, burn care, aesthetic surgery, and problem wound care.
In addition, our surgeons practice their specialty in an environment of research and teaching, which provides them access to and involvements in the latest technological advancements in their field.

Elvin Zook, M.D. Elvin G. Zook, M.D.
Dr. Elvin Zook is Professor Emeritus of the Division of Plastic Surgery in the Department of Surgery at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
Michael Neumeister,M.D.,FRCSC, FACS Michael W. Neumeister, MD, FRCSC, FACS
Dr. Michael Neumeister is Professor and Chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery in the Department of Surgery at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
Nicole Zook Sommer, M.D. Nicole Zook Sommer, M.D.
Dr. Nicole Sommer is an Assistant Professor of plastic surgery at The Plastic Surgery Institute at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. She is qualified to treat all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Dr. Reuben Bueno Jr. Reuben A. Bueno, Jr., M.D.
Dr. Reuben Bueno is an Assistant Professor and Program Director in the Division of Plastic Surgery at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He is fellowship trained in pediatric plastic surgery and hand and upper extremity surgery.
Alyssa Moore Alyssa Moore PA


Faculty & Staff

  • Reuben Bueno Jr., MD
  • Michael Neumeister, MD
  • Nicole Zook Sommer, MD
  • Elvin Zook, MD – Division Chair
  • Alyssa Moore, PA
  • Alice Goodrich, RN
  • Bethany Tschants, RN


  • Congenital Head and Neck Anomalies Clinic

Contact Information

Phone: (217) 545-8000
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm
Address: PO Box 19653
             Springfield, IL 62794

Physician Referrals

  • (217) 545-8000