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Our Mission

What is Population Science?

Understanding why certain individuals are healthier than others. Our current research on children's development, asthma, and cancer disparities is providing information and improving health for the people of central and southern Illinois.

Why Policy?

To create the systemic change necessary to provide sustainable solutions for the residents of central and southern Illinois.

Our Mission

Understanding and advancing the health, development, and wellness of residents in central and southern Illinois.

The Department

The Department of Population Science and Policy at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIU SOM) is a research and policy organization dedicated to improving health outcomes of the residents of central and southern Illinois. The Department seeks to understand the region SIU SOM serves and find optimal approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease.

The Department focuses on four major themes:

  1. data acquisition and analysis to identify disease risk
  2. clinical and community focused population health strategies that reduce health disparities
  3. systems based policy formation that provides sustainable solutions, and
  4. the population health education of current and future health care professionals.

The Department uses its research, scholarship, and innovation to design, implement, evaluate, and model solutions to our region’s health challenges. The Department connects and collaborates with businesses, agencies, philanthropies, and community members already working to improve the health of our communities.  Our multi-disciplinary team of doctors, lawyers, business professionals, anthropologists, and public health and public policy professionals works with these various sectors of society to bridge knowledge gaps, share expertise, and translate our findings in ways that improve the lives of our residents.  As our research evolves, our Department will use our results to guide policy formation and change.

SIU Medicine’s Department of Population Science and Policy looks forward to exploring partnerships and opportunities to achieve our ultimate goal – providing opportunities for healthier, happier, and more successful lives for the residents of central and southern Illinois.

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