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2017 Enos Park Summer Youth Clubs

Begin: Week of June 12th
End: Week of August 7th

*Children under 8 are required to bring an adult with them as their helper.
*We will be a summer closed food site with the help of Central Illinois Food Bank on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Garden Club - Laura Lipscomb (217) 502-2614
OBJECTIVE: To provide an opportunity to learn and practice planting, gardening, and community service. Each member will learn how cleaning and landscaping brings beauty both to individuals and to a community. Each member will experience the work of bringing things to life and maintaining life.
MISSION: The club will meet on Sundays from 3:30-5pm weekly for 9 weeks at Enos Park Neighborhood Garden (1018 N. 5th St.). No experience is necessary and people of all ages welcome. Bring a smile and some clothes you can get dirty! As a club, we will inquire and assist in projects with the Enos Park Neighborhood Beautification Team and elderly residents with flower beds, planters, and yard cleanup. We will inquire of McClernand Elementary School about landscaping around their school building. We will coordinate with the Construction Club and offer to plant seeds to grow flower starters that they could use in the planters they will build.
NEED: In order to have the greatest impact on teaching our members the importance of planting seeds, gardening and community service, we will need things like garden gloves (adult and child size), potting soil and empty flats for planting seeds. We will need a donation to pay for club t-shirts. We will need a donation of snack items and drinks for each week.

Construction Club - Shayne Squires @Habitiat; Ryan Mobley @Enos Park;
OBJECTIVE: To provide a hands on opportunity for students to learn how to use basic tools and recycling to create a product that is usable and sellable.
MISSION: The club will meet on Mondays from 4-5:30pm at Kumler United Methodist Church @5th & Carpenter weekly for 9 weeks. Each club member will learn safety, identify tools and their function, as well as work as a team and individual to complete 3-5 projects. The club will discuss opportunities to produce and sell their product.
NEED: In order to create a successful club with successful projects, we have secured the help and investment of community organizations, like Habitat 4 Humanity and Enos Park Community Members. In addition, we will need to secure project materials suc as wood, nails, glue, paint supplies and paint. We will need a donation to pay for club t-shirts.

Bicycle Club - Ryan Mobley; Tom Clark @SBC; Enos Park NPO’s;
OBJECTIVE: To provide a place for children and their parents/guardians to enjoy riding, learn bicycle safety, participate on a team, as well as setting and reaching individual and team goals. This club will keep track of miles ridden each week. *Members without bicycles can earn a bicycle by riding at least 5 of the 9 weeks.
MISSION: We will meet weekly on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30pm for 9 weeks @3rd Presbyterian Church (garage) and ride from Enos Park around Lincoln Park and back. We will plan a safety training with helmet and bicycle fittings prior to each member riding. We will provide instruction on group riding and will group members by skill and endurance. We will track our team mileage with the assistance of pedometers. We will plan a group trail ride for those members that have ridden 5x’s or more.
NEED: In order to be able to have a successful club this year, we will need to provide helmets, bicycles, pedometers and bicycle repairs for our low income members. With the help and investment of community members who invest their time, financial support and talents, we will see the greatest impact in the lives of our members. HSHS St. Johns is donating our helmets again this year. Midwest Retired United Methodist Men are donating refurbished bikes. We will need a donation to pay Robert LaBonte, The Bicycle Doctor, for all summer repairs for bicycle club members. We will need a donation to pay for club t-shirts. We will need a donation of snack items and drinks for each week.

“Read 5” Club - Hope Cherry and SIU * June 29th, July 27th “Read 5 Special Event”
OBJECTIVE: To provide the support and momentum for reading and learning that helps bridge the gap between school years. To motivate McClernand students to engage in the District 186 Read 5 summer reading program. To provide community organizations an opportunity to work together around student learning.
MISSION: We will meet Thursday at 2:30pm at the Northside Children’s Community Library (NCCL) at 1030 n 7th St in the basement of 3rd Presbyterian Church weekly for 9 weeks. We will invite all McClernand students to attend, participate and log their reading minutes. We will remind and encourage all students to maintain and complete their reading logs either on the computer or on paper. SIU will purchase and donate a new book as well as provide a fun learning activity each week. We will host two “Read 5” parties to celebrate and calculate our “minutes the month”.
NEED: We will see the greatest impact in the lives of our members if we have the books, snacks and supplies needed to fulfill our objective of student summer learning. We will need a donation to pay for club t-shirts. We will need a donation of snack items and drinks for each week.

Boy Scout Club - Dan Obrien and John/Dawn Childress
OBJECTIVE: To provide a positive learning place for boys to learn to do some practical life skills. We will invite our boys and young men, as well as their parents/significant adult, to explore the mission of the Boy Scouts of America which is “to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and, in other ways, to prepare them to make ethical choices during their lifetime in achieving their full potential. We will invite the The values we strive to instill are based on those found in the "Scout Oath and Law."
MISSION: We will meet on Thursdays from 6-7:30pm weekly for 9 weeks at Kumler United Methodist Church @5th & Carpenter . Each week there will be an opening and closing program with a lesson and opportunity to put it into practice.
NEED: The leadership and planning of the Abraham Lincoln Council Boy Scouts will help us to have a successful club. This club is requesting about $100 to help with the purchase of t-shirts (that look like uniform tops) for each of the scout club members.

Art Club - Dawn Mobley and SAA Betsy Dollar, Erin Svenson;
*** ”Paint the Streets” square on July 22nd
OBJECTIVE: To provide an opportunity for students who have limited to no access/exposure to art to learn, create and practice different forms of art with different mediums.
MISSION: We will invite students of McClernand Elementary School who are referred by the Art Teacher. We will meet Saturday morning 10am at the Springfield Art Association weekly for 9 weeks. We will have weekly lessons about Artists, technique and style and use different forms of medium to explore personal creativity.
NEED: In order to have a successful club, we will need people to volunteer their time. The Springfield Art Association is donating some supplies, a square to paint @”Paint the Streets” and t-shirts to our club members. We will need a donation of snack items and drinks for each week. We will need a donation for some art supplies.

Enos Park Summer Youth Program is seeking donations for each club to have t-shirts. Last year a donation was made for t-shirts for our Enos Park Bicycle Club. There was a noticeable difference in the club member after they received their shirts. It was clear that this simple gesture created a deeper sense of pride and belonging to its members.


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