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What's Going On Down There?

May 1, 2014

SIU offers advanced therapies to treat benign urinary problems

Written by Rebecca Budde | Photography by Jason Johnson
Published in Aspects Magazine, Spring 2014 Vol. 37-2

SIU Medical Education Programs Receive Three International Awards

September 3, 2013

An international organization has recognized Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for its medical education programs. SIU was the only medical school to be recognized in all three areas by the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

MEDPREP: Doors to Opportunity

October 29, 2012

Written by Rebecca Budde | Photographs by Jim Hawker
Published in Aspects Magazine Autumn 2012; 35-4

Raindrops on a Tent - Deep Brain Stimulation

January 1, 2012

Deep Brain Stimulation brings new life to patients with movement disorders

Written by Rebecca Budde | Photographs by James Hawker
Published in Aspects, Winter 2012 | Vol 35-1

A Natural Fit

November 1, 2009

Dale Buck Hales, Ph.D., finds a new home at SIU School of Medicine

Written by Karen Carlson | Photographs by Jim Hawker
Published in Aspects. Autumn 2008 (32-4)