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Writing Faculty Profiles

Only current, full-time faculty should have a faculty bio. (Deceased, adjunct, volunteer can be listed in a separate basic page, if desired). Clinical faculty's bio on will be linked to the bio at once the feature is available.

If a faculty member is affiliated with more than one department, communicate with that department to see who will "own" and update the bio (and to ensure that an .edu profile has not already been created.)

When adding a faculty member, you will be asked to fill in various blanks. Only type the requested information. For example, do not add titles or degrees in the name blank. A separate box will allow you to add this type of information later on.

Step by Step

Start a new faculty bio under "My Workbench > Create Content > Faculty

IMAGE: select the faculty's portrait, sized 760x760. Most providers can be found in the folder on the web_photos_library. (Ask pr for access.)

NAME: Do not use middle initial - this will improve search results.

ACADEMIC TITLES: capitalize the first letter of each word. For example, type Assistant Professor, not assistant professor.

ABOUT: A professional biosketch. Limit the about section to 1-2 paragraphs -- Consider adding:

  • Biographical information, such as the date the faculty member joined SIU Medicine, what courses he/she teaches or previous employment
  • Professional specialities or areas of focus 
  • Philosophy of patient care
  • Research interests if applicable
  • Personal information if desired


John Doe, MD, PhD, is the chief of the Division of Cardiology and a professor of medicine. Before joining SIU Medicine, Doe worked as the director of Springfield Hospital. He also previously served as a professor of medicine at Another School of Medicine in City. He earned his medical degree at XYZ University (1989). Doe completed a cardiology fellowship at the University of State in City (1998) and an internal medicine residency at the University of State in 1996. He joined SIU School of Medicine in 2010.

Doe has authored more than 200 peer-reviewed publications. His research interests include atrial fibrillation and population health.

When asked for the faculty member’s school, residency and fellowship info, list only the name of the institution, not the year he/she graduated, his/her major or focus, or the degree achieved.

List GRANTS, PATENTS, AWARDS, CITATIONS, etc. in the appropriate boxes.

FEATURED IN:   include popular media links. Faculty members also have the option to upload a curriculum vitae as a PDF. Edit a CV to be a "web" version - no personal/family information.

DOCTOR PROFILE: This will cross-link for clinical faculty (not yet available)

PERSON: Type in the person's name to link the bio with the SOM directory.

AUDIENCE: Select faculty and staff; patients

GROUPS AUDIENCE/PRIMARY GROUP: Select the department with which the faculty is affiliated. If more than one, let PR know and talk with multiple departments about who will "own" and update the profile.

Once you have completed the faculty member’s bio, select “publish to SIU School of Medicine” and choose the relevant audience(s). This faculty profile will exist separately from SIU Medicine, which is designed for patients (These will be linked at a later date).

Change your draft’s moderation state to needs review to send your draft to the appropriate moderator. 



  • Only include current, active faculty members.
  • Include professional portraits, no more than 5 years old.
  • Review faculty profiles annually.
  • Do NOT put periods in degrees.
  • Type PhD or MD, not Ph.D. or M.D.
  • Write in the third person (he, she, her, his), not first person (I, my, we, our)
  • Do NOT double space at the end of a sentence
  • It’s okay to leave areas blank. For example, if a faculty member has no patents, leave that area blank. That category will not appear in the final version of the page.