Ayame Takahashi, MD

Ayame Takahashi, MD
Child Psychiatry Fellowship Director

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Admission Pathways:

Admission to the Child and Adolescent Fellowship Program may be through one of the three pathways specified in this procedure.

For individuals who are applying while still in their general residency training, documentation must be provided of satisfactory performance in their training program.

Individuals who have completed their general psychiatry training must furnish evidence of successfully completing their training along with evidence of acceptable clinical practice in any interval between the completion of general psychiatry training and their application for a child and adolescent psychiatry training slot.

All applicants must have passed USMLE Steps I, II and III to be eligible for admission.

Only applicants with experience or exceptional performance records and an obvious interest in pursuing child and adolescent psychiatry would be considered for option 2 or 3 below. These options would only be considered if positions remain open after the match.

They may apply for a two year block taken after the completion of their PGY-3 or PGY-4 year. The program will attempt to fill all positions through the child psychiatry match process. If there are vacant positions after that match process, qualified applicants may be accepted on a case by case basis.

Residents inside the SIU Department of Psychiatry general residency may apply to do their child fellowship training in two blocks; a six month block focusing on inpatient in their second or third year followed by a one and a half year block encompassing the latter half of their PGY-4 year and all their PGY-5 year.

Individuals who complete the six month block successfully and later elect to not complete their child and adolescent psychiatry training will be allowed to use the six month block as counting two months to the general psychiatry requirement in child and adolescent psychiatry and the other four months would be allowed to be counted as elective time.

General psychiatry residents may be allowed to do their two year child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship in a single two-year block following PGY-1 or PGY-2 if that resident has previous extensive counseling and psychotherapy experience documented which would indicate that the resident has the skills necessary to do psychotherapy work with parents and children. Admission to the fellowship on this third pathway would be at the sole discretion of the fellowship admissions committee.

Interested applicants should contact Ruth Stark, Program Coordinator, SIU Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program at rstark@siumed.edu.

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