Ayame Takahashi, MD

Ayame Takahashi, MD
Child Psychiatry Fellowship Director

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Top Ten Reasons for coming to Springfield, Illinois!

10. Big city benefits with small town traffic. No matter how busy the traffic it never takes more than 30 minutes to get home (If you decide to live 60 miles away, then it would probably take you an hour to get home).

9. Low crime, low cost of living, low housing prices (let's pay off that medical school debt early).

8. For a big city fix, both St. Louis and Chicago are easily accessible (car, train or plane).

7. A chance to try the horseshoe, a Springfield culinary creation. The corn dog (Cozy Dog located on Historic Route 66) was also created here.

6. Historic Route 66 goes through town, many historic homes and museums are here.

5. Active arts community. See really good productions of Broadway plays at half the cost.

4. Lake Springfield. There is swimming in the summer, many opportunities to go boating, skiing and windsurfing.

3. It's a great town for people who love outdoor activities. Horseback riding, camping, hiking-there are many parks and walking trails all over town.

2. This is a family oriented town with good schools.

1. Abraham Lincoln. One of the greatest figures in history loved this town. If it was good enough for him, it should be good enough for anyone.

Top Ten Reasons to train at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine!

10. Be a part of a rapidly growing medical community. SIU School of Medicine's new Simmons Cancer Institute which serves as the main tertiary care cancer center for central and southern Illinois.

9. Work at an administratively well organized and highly regarded medical school. In the 2007 LCME site visit, the medical school received no citations and five commendations, a very rare and exciting occurrence.

8. An opportunity to hone your teaching skills at a medical school nationally-known to be an innovator in medical education. For those interested in teaching, multiple opportunities for mentorship, research projects abound.

7. We have great pool parties in the summer and great holiday parties.

6. The program is very well balanced in terms of teaching BOTH psychopharmacology and psychotherapy.

5. Scholarly activity is highly supported and funds are available to send trainees to national conferences. Trainees will be encouraged to present with faculty at national conferences whenever possible.

4. Limited evening call for first year Fellows only.

3. You will get to participate in one of the top telepsychiatry efforts in the nation.

2. You will get to know and get personal attention from a dynamic faculty in an incredibly collaborative atmosphere.

1. This is a place you can have it all. Scholarship, exceptional clinical training and a normal life!

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