Stephen Soltys, MD
Stephen Soltys, MD
Psychiatry Residency
Training Program

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Santosh Shrestha, MD
Santosh Shrestha, MD
Associate Director
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Vivian Smith
Residency Program Coordinator
(217) 545-7627

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Psychotherapeutic Intervention

Training and experience in providing both long-term and time-limited psychotherapy is an integral part of the training program. It is directly and continuously supported by seminars, case conferences, and direct, individual supervision. An eclectic approach is used to promote professional versatility. Residents are exposed to a range of strategies and techniques, and are expected to be competent in supportive, brief and long term psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, group, family and couples and other evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices. Training and experience emphasize the expertise needed in current psychiatric practice whether as the primary provider, student of further training, a member of a multi-specialty team, or a referring professional.

Psychotherapy Timeline

Psychotherapy Training Comittee
Chair: Sandra Vicari, PhD
Gene Brodland, LCSW
Richard Chiola, PhD
Jeanné Hansen, LCSW
Ron Kanwischer, LCPC, CADC
Jill Koester, LCPC, RN
Rebecca Loschen, LCSW
Chad Noggle, PhD
Ayame Takahashi, MD

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