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Volume 36-1 cover

SIU's neuro-oncologist Dr. Ayman Omar fits J.T. Rodgers with a cap that holds electric arrays, a new therapy to target brain tumors.

Feature Image 1Target: TumorsLow-intensity current may stop the growth of brain tumors.
Feature Image 2Team SpiritNurse educator Karen Reynolds brings a team spirit to medical education.
Feature Image 3Out of the ShadowsClients of the Community Support Network have new homes.
Feature Image 4Clear ViewThe School's Department of Psychiatry uses motivational interviewing to help patients help themselves.
Dr. Campbell

Campbell Named Inventor of the Year

Kathleen Campbell, Ph.D., received the Inventor of the Year Award from Southern Illinois University. Dr. Campbell was honored for her work with agents that can protect against noise- and drug-induced hearing loss and other side effects of cancer therapies. Campbell is professor and director of audiology research in the Division of Otolaryngology, Department of Surgery at SIU School of Medicine. The award was given on October 19, 2012, during the SIU Technology and Innovation Expo in Carbondale.
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