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The Art of Healing

From the curves of the infusion room to the simulated waterfall in the lobby, Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU (SCI) was designed and decorated to promote healing and alleviate anxiety that may accompany a visit. Soft colors, pastoral landscapes and a seasonal garden greet patients and their caregivers.

Studies show the physical environment of health care facilities directly relates to patient and staff outcomes. Factors such as lighting, noise and color have an impact on healing, mood, sleep and cardiac rhythms.

Using the principles from work by Roger Ulrich, Ph.D. and Craig Zimring, Ph.D., an art committee selected and commissioned pieces for SCI. Ulrich’s research discusses the use of art, nature, lighting, design and other features to promote healing.

The artwork featured here shows a sample of the talented artists who have helped to make SCI a visually appealing center of healing.


sciArt_1.jpg text1 Illinois Spring Illinois Colorscape text from patient Secret Spaces II by Jane Frey Afternoon Reflections
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