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Dr. David Sumner

Dr. Sumner David Sumner, MD, 80, died on November 24, 2013.

Dr. Sumner joined SIU in 1975, the first chief of the vascular surgery division. He retired in 1998. Dr. Sumner was a pioneer in vascular surgery, sought worldwide for his outstanding skills and expertise in vascular research physiology and surgery. He was responsible for vascular laboratories at both Memorial Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital. He coauthored Hemodynamics for Surgeons.

He was a 1958 graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with fellow classmates Dr. Roland Folse and Dr. Alan Birtch, both pioneers of SIU School of Medicine.

Dr. Sumner was named Distinguished Professor in 1984 – a preeminent academic rank at Southern Illinois University by SIUC President Albert Somit.

Dean Dr. Richard Moy said in 1984, "[Dr. Sumner] is truly an example of what we in medicine call the ‘triple threat’: an outstanding clinician, teacher and investigator. His accomplishments have certainly brought international recognition and distinction to the School of Medicine and the University.

In 2009, the David Sumner M.D. Endowed Chair in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery was created. Kim Hodgson, MD, professor and chair of the vascular division was awarded the title. In 2010, Dr. Sumner received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Vascular Surgery.

In retirement, Dr. Sumner excelled in watercolor painting. He exhibited numerous times in Springfield, including a 2002 exhibit at SIU School of Medicine. A 2010 profile in Aspects detailed his artistic talent. Surviving are his wife of 54 years, Marty, and three children.

Colleagues remember Dr. Sumner:

"I came to Springfield to do my vascular fellowship because of Dr. Sumner and was proud to have known him and to get some of my training from him. He was a wonderful partner, mentor and friend. His wit was legendary! He is probably the most intelligent man I have known. From his memorial service, the most apt comment (for me) was delivered by the minister when she quoted the Bible, saying, ‘to whom much is given, much is required.’ He used ALL of his God-given talents in his time on earth in the service of other humans and advancement of science to help us all. I will miss him.” — Dr. Lynne Barkmeier

"Dr. Sumner was a unique character in our medical world and this was demonstrated by his courage, honesty, attention to detail, appreciation of his patients and dry, wry sense of humor.” — Dr. Don Ramsey

"He was a trailblazer with regard to noninvasive vascular diagnostics. He had a worldwide impact in terms of the diagnostic techniques that are now available to us. Locally, he laid the groundwork for the specialty of vascular surgery and set up a training program.” — Dr. Kim Hodgson, chair of SIU vascular surgery

Dr. Otto Metzmaker

Dr. Metzmaker

Otto Metzmaker, MD, 91, died Dec. 5, 2013, at St. John’s Hospice. Dr. Metzmaker was a professor of general surgery at SIU School of Medicine from 1971-1990. He also was director of St. John’s Hospital Trauma Center. He graduated from the U of I College of Medicine in 1946.

Surviving are his wife, Therese, a daughter, four sons, 13 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Colleagues remember Dr. Metzmaker:

"Dr. Metzmaker was the first community surgeon to join the full-time faculty. He was an excellent teacher and did much to establish community relationships," — J. Roland Folse, MD, the first chair of the surgery department.

"The coming of the SIU medical school to Springfield was for many physicians practicing here perceived as a significant threat to their practices and livelihood. As a practicing physician, Dr. Metzmaker saw the benefits early on and acted as a liaison to promote collegiality, cooperation and goodwill. The result has proven him insightful and courageous. Thank you, Otto, for all you did for downstate Illinois." — Elvin G. Zook, MD

"What a kind and talented man. I have fond memories of him when I was a student back in ‘78-80. So sad over the past few years to have the loss of Dean Moy, Dr. Birtch, Dr. Garfunkel and Dr. Sumner. God bless them for the care they provided their patients and the education of so many promising students. SIU has truly been blessed by these "founding fathers!" — Dr. Mary Pat Forkin Arthur, ‘80.

"I worked with Dr. Metzmaker as a resident, faculty member and even took care of him as a patient. He was a very good surgeon who did not allow for anything short of the utmost respect toward the patient. He would not cut corners and was a very good role model. I continued to see him in church long after his retirement and he remained active and vibrant. He was a great man and surgeon and will be missed." — Stephen Hazelrigg, MD

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