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Blessing Hospital and the former St. Mary's Hospital sponsored the SIU Center for Family Medicine - Quincy from 1979 until 1993. Blessing Hospital now operates both hospital campuses and continues as the sole sponsor of the residency program.

Blessing Hospital is a 340-bed facility with two campuses. Acute medical care services are concentrated at the 11th Street campus, where the residents spend most of their time. Psychiatric and outpatient services are at the 14th Street Campus. Both campuses are within easy walking distance of the Family Practice Center.

Blessing Hospital blends the best of the care and compassion of community hospitals with the latest medical technology. Blessing Hospital is the area leader in the development and implementation of innovative hospital and home health services.

Blessing HospitalState-of-the-art medical services are provided to a largely rural 20 county area by Blessing Hospital. A complete Cancer Center offers the latest in cancer treatment. A Cardiovascular Center offers a complete range of cardiovascular services, including emergency catheterization and surgery. Lastly, an updated Emergency Room offers helicopter transport to and from Blessing Hospital, as well as a CT scanner in the Emergency Room, private exam rooms, a state of the art trauma room and nurses station.

Blessing Hospital also serves terminally ill patients through the Blessing Hospice and sponsors many support groups for those affected by a variety of medical and emotional illnesses. In addition, the Community Health Department of Blessing Hospital offers parish nursing, adult day care and home care support and skilled services for area residents.

Blessing Hospital, Eleventh Street CampusArial View Blessing Hospital

The Blessing Hospital 11th Street Campus has served the people of the Quincy area since 1875. This campus is a 340-bed health care facility in which acute medical services are concentrated. including, medical, surgical, pediatric, obstetric, emergency care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. This includes all intensive care units, coronary care unit, Level II trauma center and poison control center.

Diagnostic and therapeutic technology are state-of-the-art at Blessing. The 11th Street campus houses the area renal dialysis center, offers complete cancer chemotherapy and radiation services and provides full cardiac care services, including state of the art catheterization abilities. Diagnostic imaging services include digital subtraction angiography, fourth generation CT scanner, MRI and nuclear SPECT imaging.

Blessing Hospital is dedicated to medical education. In addition to the Family Practice Program, Blessing Hospital sponsors the Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing. There is also training for other ancillary services, including laboratory, radiology technology, paramedic and EMT programs.

The residents' call room, located at the 11th Street campus, is equipped with two beds and shower facilities, and is located on the obstetrics floor, allowing easy access to the labor and delivery area.

Blessing Hospital, Fourteenth Street Campus

Blessing Hospital, 14th Street CampusThe Blessing Hospital at 14th Street campus, originally St. Mary Hospital, was established in 1866 by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. This facility now houses units dedicated to inpatient psychiatric care and outpatient care.

Blessing Hospital and Newman Behavioral Services have joined efforts to provide comprehensive inpatient programming for those needing treatment for emotional, behavioral and psychiatric problems.

The cooperative effort has produced three separate and distinct inpatient units, including behavioral medicine, adult psychiatric and child and adolescent services. Each unit is staffed by a Medical Director and a team of psychiatric nurses, therapists, social workers and qualified mental health professionals.

Outpatient services at the 14th Street campus include ophthalmologic, obstetric and gynecologic, ear, nose and throat, podiatric and oral. This campus also houses the Center for Digestive and Liver Disease, a gastroenterology laboratory with state-of-the-art endoscopic capability.

Blessing at 14th also houses the employee fitness center, which is open for resident use 24 hours daily.



Blessing Hospital is part of a family of corporations which include Blessing Affiliates, the Blessing Foundation, Denman Services and Blessing Corporate Services.

The mission of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health care needs through education, patient care, research, and service to the community.


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