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Residents and Fellows

Mohammad Ansari

Class of 2020, Endocinology

Daniel Ansbro

Class of 2023, Internal Medicine/Diagnostic Radiology

Dominic Antonacci

Class of 2023, Internal Medicine/Diagnostic Radiology

Adora Anudu

Class of 2021, Pediatrics

Jaime Armah

Class of 2021, Decatur Family Medicine

Kim Arora

Class of 2020, Springfield Family Medicine

Yasmina Arroyo

Class of 2021, Medicine/Psychiatry

Ahmad Aulakh

Class of 2022, General Surgery

Feliks Avanesyan

Class of 2020, Carbondale Family Medicine

Wesley Baas

Class of 2020, Urology

William Bailey

Class of 2018, Springfield Family Medicine

Mark Baker

Class of 2019, Emergency Medicine

Talha Baloch

Class of 2019, Psychiatry

Melanie Barnard

Class of 2019, General Surgery

Lauren Battley

Class of 2021, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Joshua Battley

Class of 2021, Neurology