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Residents and Fellows

Christine DiPompeo

Class of 2021, Orthopaedic Surgery

Rebecca Dix

Class of 2021, Springfield Family Medicine

Bertram Drury

Class of 2019, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Amruta Dutia

Class of 2020, Decatur Family Medicine

Jonathan Dutt

Class of 2020, Springfield Family Medicine

Kathleen Ehlbeck

Class of 2019, Carbondale Family Medicine

Tanner Eiben

Class of 2021, Quincy Family Medicine

Aya El-Jerbi

Class of 2020, Pediatrics

Aras Emdadi

Class of 2019, Colon & Rectal Surgery

Zachary Emmons

Class of 2020, Pediatrics

Matthew Evans

Class of 2021, Radiology

Nnenna Ezeilo

Class of 2019, Otolaryngology

Johnathan Fagg

Class of 2020, Internal Medicine

Mehwish Farooqi

Class of 2022, Neurology

Zara Fatima

Class of 2019, Neurology

Nishat Fatima

Class of 2019, Endocrinology