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Community-based Experiences
  • Capitol Community Health Center
    • Capitol Community Health Center (CCHC) is a federally-funded clinic for the under and uninsured in the Springfield community. Through a partnership with the CCHC, residents are able to gain experience in obstetrics, pediatrics, and diabetes care in a community health setting.

  • Cass County Public Health Department
    • Through the local Public Health Department in Cass County, residents are offered the opportunity to work with faculty at a Family Planning Clinic. This clinic serves a rural, underserved Spanish and migrant population.

  • Gateway Foundation
    • Residents have the opportunity to accompany a faculty member and spend time at an inpatient adolescent substance abuse program located on the southeast side of Springfield.

  • Hope School
    • Hope School is a residential program for autistic and disabled children. The Center provides primary care services on site two half days per week and residents are offered this experience as a part of the Community Medicine and Family Medicine Outpatient rotation.

  • Macoupin County Prenatal Clinic
    • In collaboration with the practice of a past residency graduate and located about 40 miles south of Springfield, residents are able to work with family practice faculty to provide obstetrical care in a rural health setting.

  • Nursing Home
    • During the second and third years, residents follow an assigned group of nursing home patients from one of three nursing home affiliated with the Center.

  • Sangamon County Public Health Department
    • In collaboration with the local combined city/county health department, residents are offered experiences in the STD and well-child clinics. In addition, exposure to community health and school centered health is available.

  • Additional outreach opportunities include:
    • Girard Prenatal Clinic
    • Child Advocacy Center
    • Jacksonville Development Center Gyne Clinic
    • Planned Parenthood

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