Our Program

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Salary
    • First year: $49,969 + one time $3000 bonus at the time of temporary licensure
    • Second year: $51,400
    • Third year: $53,550

  • Benefits
    • Malpractice, disability and life insurance are all provided to the residents at no cost
    • Health insurance covering residents and dependents is also available

  • Vacation
    • 3 weeks vacation
    • 1 week additional educational/conference time
      • $2,000 educational stipend is provided in each year of residency
      • Funds for travel to a meeting where the resident is presenting or for approved special topics are also available

  • Call Schedule
    • First year: every 3-5 nights/depending the rotation
    • Second year: every 7-14 nights
    • Third year: every 14 nights

  • Uniforms and Meals
    • Lab coats and name tags provided at no cost
    • Residents receive a meal discount at Memorial Medical Center and St Johns Hospital
    • Free meal plan at both hospitals when on call as well

  • Curriculum
    • Residency accredited for 30 residents.
    • Residency Program length is 3 years
    • Dual accreditation for Osteopathic Residents
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