Our Program

Goals and Objectives

In our Family Medicine Residency we:
  • Emphasize continuity of care and accessibility for patients through a faculty based practice model.
  • Remain competitive in the marketplace by providing quality care.
  • Offer comprehensive care, including Obstetrics and Geriatrics.
  • Enhance procedural skills with regular rotation through the Family Medicine Procedure Clinic as well as participation in hands-on procedural workshops.
  • Provide a strong faculty mentor program for ongoing formative feedback and evaluation.
  • Enhance self-directed learning skills.
  • Provide comprehensive longitudinal and rotational components of the curriculum including the choice of an OB-Two Track System, a month-long Geriatric experience including Alzheimer and Falls Clinics, Sports Medicine and Occupational Health experiences in Community-based state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Cultivate residents’ ability to critically appraise information, i.e., critical thinking, as well as providing support and encouragement for Research and Scholarly Activity.
  • We provide an early needs assessment of each resident in order to develop a more meaningful individualized curriculum plan.
  • Prepare residents for practice in an evolutionary electronic health care environment including integration of medical informatics, chronic disease management and interdisciplinary care. As part of the "Hub of Learning" the program exposes medical students, physician assistants and other learners to Family and Community Medicine.
  • Residents will be expected to develop an understanding of the ethical and intellectual underpinnings of Family Medicine which would involve a study of the ethical basis of medical practice, of Clinical Epidemiology and of Evidence-based Medicine.
    • Residents will be expected to be involved in the ongoing research activities of the department and to participate in specific scholarly activities. The exact nature of these projects will be decided on an individual basis and will depend on the resident's needs and career objectives. This may range from literature review to publication to public health issues.
  • We provide rural/community medicine exposure for all residents through rotational experience with the local community health center, Public Health Department, rural inpatient, and a variety of residency electives.
    • We involve residents in exposure to medical students, physician assistants and other learners to family and community medicine and be involved with post-residency continuing medical education.
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