Our Program

2014-2015 Osteopathic Curriculum

Family Medicine Orientation 1 Family Medicine Service 3 Family Medicine Service (Sr) 2
Family Medicine Service 3 Surgery - Outpatient 1 Dermatology 1
Orthopedics 1 Behavioral Science 1 Sports Medicine 1
Intensive Care Unit 1 Neonatal ICU /
Newborn Nursery
1 Emergency Medicine 1
Emergency Medicine 1 Pediatrics - Outpatient 1 Otolaryngology / Ophthalmology 1
Pediatrics - Inpatient 1 Surgery - Inpatient 1 Urology 1
Cardiology 1 Gynecology 1 Geriatrics 1
Obstetrics & Gynecology 2 Elective 2 Peds SS 1
PCMH / CM 1 PCMH / ACC 1 Elective 3
Continuity Clinics 1-2 half days/week Continuity Clinics 2-4 half days/week Continuity Clinics 3-5 half days/week

Behavioral Science/Psychiatry Legal Medicine & Ethics
Health Care Mgmt/Leadership Development Practice Management
Community Medicine Patient Education
Critical Thinking Oral Health
Evidence Based Medicine Pharmacology
Geriatrics Procedures/Acute Care
Information Technology Radiology/Laboratory Medicine
Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Research & Scholarly Activity

Pediatric Subspecialties
Cardiology Infectious Disease
Development and Behavior Nephrology
Gastroenterology Neurology
Genetics Newborn Nursery
Hematology/Oncology Pediatric ER

Allergy/Immunology High Risk Obstetrics
Anesthesia Mental Health
Cardiology Nephrology
Chemical Dependency Neurology/Oncology
Complimentary/Alternative Medicine Patient Education
Endocrinology Pulmonary Medicine
Faculty Development Self-Designed Elective
Gastroenterology Trauma Service
Hematology/Oncology Oral Health

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