Our People


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Photo of Janet Albers Photo of Tracy Aldridge Dr. Avila Photo of Amber Barnhart
Janet R. Albers, MD

Tracy Aldridge, MD

Amber Avila, M.D.
Amber Barnhart. MD

Photo of Careyana Brenham
Dr. Michal Dynada Photo of Christopher Gleason Photo of David Graham
Careyana Brenham, MD
Michal Dynda, MD
Christopher L. Gleason, MD
David Graham, MD
Masaya Higuichi, M.D. Photo of Harald Lausen Photo of Lauri Lopp Photo of Nicole Mirocha
Masaya Higuichi, MD,MPH,CMD
Harald Lausen, DO, MA
Lauri Lopp, MD
Nichole Mirocha, DO

Rachel Rahman Photo of Cynthia Thomas Tabatha Wells, MD
Rachel Rahman, MD
Cynthia Thomas, MD

Tabatha Wells, MD
Photo of Becky Hanna Photo of Zachary Sims Photo of Arin Etherton  
Becky Hanna, PA-C
Zachary Sims, RN, PA-C
Airn Etherton, CFNP

Leanne Novar, APRN-BC Deb Hollander Placeholder Photo of Tracey Smith
Leanne Novar, APRN-BC
Deb Hollander , CNM
Tracey Smith, PHCNS-BC,

Photo of Linda Werner Photo of Kendra Yociss
Linda Snyder BSN, MSW,

Kendra Yociss, PharmD

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