Photo of Masaya Higuchi, MD Masaya Higuchi, MD
Medical School: Nagoya Municipal University, Japan

What attracted you to this program?
“I was attracted to this program because everyone is involved. There is a very close relationship, and no distance between faculty and resident. Springfield offers a good size of city for learning classic and new family and community medicine. This is a really friendly environment and educational opportunity for academic and practical learning.”

What makes this residency unique ?
“What makes this residency unique is very good faculty and their passion for education and supporting residents.”

How does this residency prepare you for the real world ?
“This program prepares you for the real world by giving you knowledge with great experience and exposure during residency. This will help all of us become great doctors. The rich practice management sessions here help us understand the US medical system really well. Most importantly, this residency help us learn how to stand firmly on our own feet.”

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