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Office of Student Affairs - Admissions

Academic Programs

MD Program

The M.D. program at SIU School of Medicine is conducted at the medical education facilities in both Carbondale and Springfield. The split campus allows the School to maximize the existing resources of a major university and the long-established clinical facilities in Springfield - Memorial Medical Center and St. John's Hospital. The two campuses also serve to reaffirm the School's commitment of providing academic support to practicing physicians in central and southern Illinois.

MD - JD Program

In cooperation with the SIU School of Law, the School of Medicine offers a special six-year program leading to the concurrent award of degrees in law and medicine. Students will be admitted separately to each of these schools. Interested persons should contact the Office of Admissions for information. Program overview.


The Medical/Dental Education Preparatory program (MEDPREP) is a certificate-granting postbaccalaureate program on the Carbondale campus sponsored by the School of Medicine. It operates year-round beginning in June and has its own teaching faculty who offer special tutorials, seminars and classes to enrolled students. MEDPREP students also enroll in regular preprofessional courses offered on the Carbondale campus and receive extensive tutorial assistance under the program's supervision. The curriculum includes review courses in the sciences to help students prepare for the MCAT and basic skill classes to improve communication, testmanship and study skills as well as advanced enrichment courses in biology. Some students accepted for the program are given individualized attention, extensive tutorial support, assistance in preparing for the MCAT and guidance in making application to medical schools. Undergraduate students are eligible. All students must meet the regular university standards for admission and retention in addition to MEDPREP standards. There is no guarantee of acceptance to this school of medicine or to any other medical school.

Other Programs