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Office of Student Affairs - Registrar

Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)
2011 Timeline

May 25, 2010

Class Meeting

July 1, 2010

My ERAS will open for applicants on July 1st, giving you ample time to complete your application before ERAS is open for transmission of applications to residency programs on September 1st. The registration fee for ERAS is $75; this fee includes application to your first ten programs.

ERAS applicant Tokens will be available from the Office of Student Affairs on Wednesday, July 1. The Token is a temporary identification number used to gain initial access to MyERAS.

August 15 - November 1

Letters of recommendation (LOR) and Photos are attached on a daily basis.

  • LOR's must be on letterhead and signed by the author. Letters will not be accepted on disk. Cover letters for your recommendation letter requests are to be completed (including waiver to view the letter) and can be printed from ERAS. The cover letter should instruct the letter writer to mail the recommendation to: Jennifer Langley, Office of Student Affairs, P.O. Box 19624, Springfield, IL 62794-9624.
  • One billfold-size, color photo is used for ERAS transmission, although senior photo proofs work very well.


Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) Dean's letter review.

September 30

I recommend that the Common Application Form (CAF), Profile Information, Personal Statement, recommendation identification, and initial selection of programs should be completed and submitted on or before this date (review program requirements for specific deadlines).

October 1 - 15

Transcripts are scanned and attached to applications.

MSPE Dean's letters are scanned and attached to applications.

November 1

MSPE Dean's letters are released by ERAS Post Office.

Applicant Role in ERAS

  • Contact each residency program to which you are applying for requirements, deadlines, and program information.
  • Visit the Office of Student Affairs to obtain your MyERAS token.
  • Complete and submit the Common Application Form, Profile Information and Personal Statement(s) using MyERAS.
  • Assign USMLE transcript, letters of recommendation, and personal statement(s) to programs using MyERAS.
  • Follow-up with recommendation letter writers.
  • Make sure your ERAS application is complete and deadlines are met. Track delivery of documents to programs through the Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS) accessed from the ERAS web site.
  • Pay ERAS fees for applications processed.