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Health Resources

Student Medical Insurance Plan - For complete information about your medical insurance coverage, visit the Student Health Programs web site.

Springfield Medical Students:

Medical students located in Springfield should contact the SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine (SIUMED FCM) in Springfield with questions by calling or emailing Ellen King at (217) 757-8123. For appointments contact Carlisha Maysat (217) 747-8965 or pager (217) 492-3400.

SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine:
520 North 4th Street
Springfield, IL 62704
Schedule Appointments: Call Rachel at (217) 747-8960
Hours: Mon. to Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Wednesday to 6:30 p.m.

Student Medical Benefit Extended Care Fee Refund

If you are covered by another insurance carrier and you desire a refund of the Student Medical Benefit Extended Care fee, application for a refund must be made during the first two weeks of Fall semester and Spring semester. Application must be made EACH semester that a refund is desired. However, if you are covered by another insurance carrier, maintaining the SIUC Student Medical Extended Care Plan may further reduce costs of claims to you.

Springfield Student Health Insurance

In Springfield, the SIUMED FCM clinic is your primary care provider. It functions just like the Student Health Center in Carbondale.

Medical students pay two fees for healthcare. The first fee covers your primary care, including labs and simple x-rays. The second fee covers referrals, ER visits and more expensive tests. The second fee (extended care fee) may be refundable if you show proof of other insurance coverage.

Primary Care: Dr. Careyana Brenham is your primary contact at SIUMED FCM. To schedule an appointment call 757-8100, and be sure to identify yourself as a medical student. You should not be evaluated by another student or resident unless you waive that right. You will have to pay the co-pay of $6.00 to go to SIUMED FCM.

If a provider orders labs or simple x-rays, you should get these at Memorial Medical Center, and show them your insurance card.

Specialty Care, ER Visits and Expensive Tests: In order to have any of these paid for, you must have prior approval from SIUMED FCM. If approved, there is a $100.00 per year deductible you must pay. After that, your insurance will cover 80% of the agreed cost. You will be responsible for the remaining 20%. All bills should be directed to SIUMED FCM--NOT Healthlink.

Needle Sticks & Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure

During work hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., immediately call the ID Nurse at 217-545-8970, pager #217-492-2446, located at MMC in Room A474. After hours, weekends or holidays call the SIU Answering Service at 545-5880 and have them page the ID physician on call.

The following exposure forms also need to be completed:

Mental Health Counseling

Ginny Zahrn is available for both mental health counseling. Dr. Erik Constance, Dr. Careyana Brenham at Family Medicine, and Ms. Zahrn are all available depending on your comfort level to assist you in accessing mental health providers. You may schedule an appointment to see Ms. Zahrn by calling 545-7078.


Springfield students may send prescriptions to the SIU Carbondale Pharmacy to be filled. Include: your name, address, DOB, student ID number (aka SS#), phone number, known drug allergies, and that the prescription is for a Springfield School of Medicine student. Dr. Brenham may also fax or call prescriptions to Carbondale at the time of visit.

Students mail prescription to: Student Health Program Pharmacy, 374 East Grand Avenue, Carbondale IL 62901-6802. Students may call Sue Chaney (618) 453-4417 for refills on established prescriptions and also to inquire about the cost. However, once the script is sent and filled you may not return it. Pharmacy ships via UPS on Monday afternoon weekly to Springfield Office of Student Affairs and distributed confidentially to the student.

Remember that Walmart and Target stores will fill many generic prescriptions for $4.00. Meijer stores will fill some antibiotic prescriptions for free.

SIUMED Infection Control Policies

Student Medical Insurance Plan Office
Student Health Center
374 East Grand Avenue, 2nd Floor
Carbondale, IL 62901-6802
(618) 453-4413