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Office of Student Affairs


Springfield Campus

If you are a medical student or a physician, taking care of yourself is a challenge in the best of times.  In the most stressful times, it can become nearly impossible if you're not familiar with tools and support systems to make it easier.  SIUSOM has developed an ongoing program and tools to facilitate what the school believes is a major professional responsibility for physicians:  taking care of yourself!!!!!!!  This site is designed to communicate Wellness Programming information to medical students and to gather Wellness resources in a single location easily accessible to students.

Carbondale Campus
Springfield Campus

SIUSOM Rapid Response Team - Crisis Management

Carbondale Campus Programs:

Wellness Orientation SessionIncludes:

Stress Management - Tips from a stress management professional about coping strategies to survive the fast pace and heavy workload of medical school.

Careers in Medicine Web Site (National) - Career planning is integral if students are to make the best career choices to foster their personal well-being for the rest of their professional lives.

Careers in Medicine at SIUSOM - A description of career planning activities specific to our school.

Patient Physician Relationship - A series of noontime discussions centered around literature, prose and poetry.  One to three readings (30 minutes reading time or less) centered around themes of interest to medical students.

Individual sessionswith students covering specific topics as needed with professionals in the field.

Internet Resources

Springfield Campus Programs:

Wellness Orientation Session

Evening Forums(contact Olympia (Bunny) Spurling with suggested topics)

What to Expect in Clerkships - Presented by fourth-year students who have made it through.

Making it Through the Match
- Presented by fourth-year students who have been through the match; Student Affairs Staff will also be available to answer questions about timetables and paperwork requirements.

Being a Married Woman Physician

Experiences in Private Practice

Depression in Health Care Professionals
- A community psychiatrist discusses depression as it impacts our ability to provide care for patients and for ourselves.

Open Forum
- Topic to be decided by students as needed.

Empathy - a series of discussions centered around literature, prose and poetry.  One to three readings (30 minutes reading time or less) centered around themes of interest to medical students.

Wellness Resources

Carbondale Campus Resources:

Counseling Center: 618-453-5371

Student Health Programs: 618-453-3311

SIUSOM Medical Student Health Resources Page

Wellness Center

University Career Services: 618-453-2391

Office of Student Affairs: 618-453-1531

Confidential Counseling Services - Students from either campus may contact Olympia (aka Bunny) Spurling, LCSW, at 217-545-4234 for confidential discussion of any issues.


Springfield Campus Resources

Family Practice Center (primary medical resource)

    SIU Center for Family Medicine
    520 North 4th Street
    Springfield, IL 62704
    (217) 757-8100
    Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, Wednesday to 6:30 p.m.
    Acute Care Clinic - same as above

Confidential Counseling Services: Students from either campus may contact Olympia Spurling, LCSW at 217-545-4234 or Pager Access # 1328 (from within Memorial Hospital or 801 North Rutledge) for confidential discussion of any issues

Office of Student Affairs:217-545-2680

SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE (Community Hotline): 217-525-1789  

General Wellness Resources

SIUSOM RAPID RESPONSE TEAM - Faculty will carry a statewide pager and be available to respond to emergency calls from medical students on both campuses at any time, 24 hours per day. The faculty carrying this pager on a rotating basis will include the following (faculty will also respond to e-mail, though the time for response may be delayed - don't use e-mail for emergencies or confidential issues):

The phone number for the Rapid Response Team pager is 217-492-3586.

AMSA Medical Student Wellness Page

Mayo Clinic Nutrition Center

Articles from Family Practice Management Journal "Balancing Act" Series - Check these out for some great tips!!!!  If you like them, recommend them to a friend or colleague.

Career Planning at SIUSOM - The Careers in Medicine Program