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Student Interest Groups


The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIUMED) encourages student participation in national, state and local organizations as well as campus-based student organizations.

The Anesthesia Interest Group is to provide students with information on the specialty of anesthesia, including but not limited to medical student electives and career opportunities. Workshops are held to teach various skills needed in anesthesia (airway management, IV placement), as well as other specialties. The group meets 2-3 times per year. There are no requirements for membership. Tyler Jones
Jason Han
The Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) is a national ministry that the local CMA chapter is a part of. CMDA serves as a voice and ministry for more than 17,000 Christian physicians and dentists in the United States and has student ministries in more than 80% of the nation's medical and dental schools. Their mission is "changing the heart of healthcare." The local chapter is comprised of physicians, residents, and medical students who seek to encourage one another in their faith. Through activities such as a biweekly bible study and monthly meetings at physician homes, students are encouraged to have a positive impact on their profession and world." Joe Standard
The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is a recognized student organization of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. It works with the Emergency Department at Memorial Medical Center, The Emergency Department at St. John's Hospital, and the Southern Illinois Trauma Center to foster and develop awareness and interest in the specialty of Emergency Medicine among the medical student population; to facilitate interested students to develop highly competitive residency applications; to assist in the education of medical students in areas of medicine specifically related to Emergency Medicine. Dues are paid by the Emergency Department. In lieu of dues, members are encouraged to participate in outreach programs throughout the year. Bree Murphy
The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is to expose those interested in family medicine to the various career options. Activities include lectures about population health, ER medicine, women's health, sports medicine/casting, how to make a good residency application, and discussion of "away" electives. We publish a newsletter called The Generalist. We have one meeting a month, as well as LOTS of volunteer opportunites. There are no membership requirements. Chris Tookey
The Internal Medicine Interest Group aims to promote and educate students on careers and opportunities in the field of Internal Medicine. Doctors of internal medicine, also known as internists, focus on adult medicine. Internists can practice general internal medicine, or receive further training to subspecialize in one of 13 fields including but not limited to adolescent medicine, women's health, critical care, hematology, infectious disease, oncology, cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology, nephrology, endocrinology, and gastroenterology. The IMIG is a great place to meet others with similar medical interests, as well as begin developing professional relationships with residents and attending physicians who practice internal medicine. The IMIG organizes advice panels on how to excel in course work and clerkships, how to navigate and be successful in the match process, while also coordinating and providing opportunities for students to volunteer in our community by giving flu shots, assisting in outreach shelters, and assisting in home visits to patients. The IMIG promotes membership in the American College of Physicians, an organization focusing on the professional development of internists worldwide. There are no membership dues. We invite you to join with us. Contact Susan Hingle, M.D.

T Newsome

The Medical Spanish Interest Group aims to expose medical students to the Spanish language and provide them with the basic skills to conduct a medical interview with a Spanish-speaking patient. It is open to all language levels. Each meeting focuses on vocabulary related to the second years' current unit. One or two meetings are held during each unit-HII, CRR, NMB, and ERG. There are no requirements to join-everyone with an interest in developing their Spanish language skills is encouraged to attend.  
The Neurology Interest Group is intended to allow students further exposure to a career in neurology and interaction with students holding shared interests. Informative sessions are held with faculty regarding neurological subspecialties, interactive sessions on topics of group interest in neurology and presentation of resources and opportunities available through the American Academy of Neurology, including free membership. Judith Chatto
The OB/GYN Interest Group aims to expose interested medical students to further information and areas of OB/GYN, while acquiring skills that may be helpful in residency (such as suturing). There are aproximately 2-5 meetings per year, along with occasional volunteer activities.

Kyley Maxheimer
Brian Cacioppo

The Pediatric Interest Group provides a chance for students to learn more about the field of pediatrics. Our interactive meetings include students, residents, and attending physicians. Throughout the year, we host many events which include journal clubs, advice panels, and specialty informational sessions to spark interest or to learn more about pediatrics. Membership is free. If you are interested, we would love to see you at our next meeting. Advisor: Dr. Marthe Phelps-dela Cruz

Abbey Rocco

The Partners of Medical Students (POMS) is a support group for the partners (husbands, wives, significant others) of SIUMED students. Medical school can be challenging not only for the medical student, but also for their loved ones. This group provides an opportunity for partners to share their experiences, and to provide support for one another.  
The Psychiatry Interest Group is to enhance education, interest, and understanding of psychiatry among medical students.  There are monthly meetings with faculty speakers in the several sub-specialties, including Child and Adolescent, Forensic, and Medicine/Psychiatry.  The department chairman and clerkship director annually host a dinner meeting pertaining to residency. Other helpful topics covered are the latest diagnostic technology, Psycho-Oncology, psychotherapy, addiction counseling, and psychiatry in primary care. This is an excellent opportunity for students to explore career options and lifestyles in the field of psychiatry. Kristen Terry
The Radiology Interest Group focuses to give students a glimpse at the field of radiology. Meetings are every 1-2 months. Each meeting has a different speaker to talk about their interest in radiology and what exactly someone can do if they decide to become a radiologist. If you have an interest in radiology, we encourage you to come.

Frank Hurd
Alexander Kurdi
Cory Malone

The Surgery Interest Group aims to explore surgical subspecialties and information pertinent for applying/interviewing for surgical residencies. Meetings include skills lab sessions for suturing, knot tying, and basic laparoscopic skills. We have panel discussions with residents and/or faculty from various subspecialties. There are approximately 6 meetings per year. No membership requirements, though a small fee for student membership to the American College of Surgeons.  
The Wilderness Medical Society Interest Group (WMS) is a one-of-a-kind association in which physicians and other health professionals can combine their profession with their passion for wilderness. The principal purpose of WMS is to present educational programs that inform its members and others about preventing, recognizing, and treating medical problems typically encountered in wilderness situations. In the past year, the WMS student interest group at SIUMED has hosted educational presentations in slide show format on Skiing Across the Greenland Ice Cap, High Altitude Medicine and Summiting Mt. Aconcagua, and Infectious Diseases in the Wilderness. WMS publications are quarterly and include the "Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal" and the "Wilderness Medicine Newsletter", and these are available at the SIUMED Library-Springfield. There are no local dues to join the WMS student interest group. Local WMS student interest group meetings are announced by email, and attendance is open to all. Yearly national WMS membership dues range from $55 for students to $150 for physicians. Membership information and national and international conference information is available online at  
The Year One Global Health Interest Group aims to facilitate discussion and provide learning opportunities for those students seeking to gain exposure to topics in public health and international medicine. Meetings consist of journal club discussions and student presentations. There are monthly meetings, one hour in length. Students volunteer to lead a discussion on a reading (journal article, news article, etc.) of their choice or present on a personal international experience in global health. There are no requirements to attend.