The following is an electronic version of the Member Information that used to be handed out to all new members of the EMIG. But, due to cost constraints and it being the 21st century, this is what has came into existence to replace it. Unfortunately, not all of the materials in the original member information booklet could be reproduced electronically. Please refer to one of the copies of the print version that are on reserve in the library for these materials.

Constitution and Bylaws of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (pdf)
Emergency Medicine and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (pdf)
Frequently Asked Interview Questions about EMS Activities within an EM Residency Program (print only)
Frequently Asked Interview Questions about Air Medical Programs within an EM Residency Program (print only)
Academic Practice: Career Paths and Prospects in Emergency Medicine (print only)
The Community Emergency Department (print only)
Is a Career in EM Right for Me? (print only)
Taming the Residency Application Process
EM Residency Selection - A Guide for Medical Student Applicants (print only)
Top Ten Questions Regarding Organization of Your Senior Year
Selecting and Preparing for a Clerkship Rotation in EM (print only)
History and Future of Emergency Medicine (pdf)
The EMRA/SAEM Guide to Academic Careers in Emergency Medicine (pdf)
Organizing Your Senior Year (print only)
EMRA Medical Student Pearls
Residency Interview Guide
10 Things to Do Before Applying to an Emergency Medicine Residency
Well-rounded Lifestyle Benefits You and Your Residency Application
Medical Students Urged to Think Carefully Before Applying to EM Residencies
Misguided Residency Applicant Questions? (print only)
You're Interested in Emergency Medicine...Now What? A Year-By-Year Guide. (print only)
Pearls of Wisdom for Your Emergency Medicine Rotation (print only)
Top 10 Websites for the Busy EM Resident
An Applicant's Evaluation of an Emergency Medicine Internship and Residency (print only)
Evaluating a Residency Program
What is Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine as a Career Choice
Advice to Students Seeking an Academic Career in Emergency Medicine
Advice to Students Beginning a Medical Student Rotation in Emergency Medicine
Medical Students and Research
So, Why Do You Want to Go into Emergency Medicine?
A Few Observations on Interviewing for an Emergency Medicine Residency (pdf)
Presenting your Patient A Guide for Medical Students Rotating in the ED (pdf)
Emergency Medicine Patient Presentations (pdf)
Selection Criteria for EM Applicants (pdf)
The Future of Emergency Medicine (pdf)

Last Updated Saturday, March 29, 2003
by Scott Gilmore