Recommended Review Books

Suggested by: Peer Tutors and Current Students


1st Year



High Yield Neuroanatomy and  Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases by Hal Blumenfeld are recommended.


High Yield Gross Anatomy along with some review of Netter’s Atlas.


Definitely all you need is High Yield Embryology.


BRS Physiology is the Gold Standard.


High Yield Biochemistry and BRS Biochemistry are more than most students can stomach, but for a more through overview try Lippencott’s Illustrated Reviews.

Behavior Science:

High Yield and BRS Behavioral Science books. Both are fairly similar.



2nd Year



BRS Pathology pretty much rocks this one. Looking at the bold print in Robbin’s Pathological Basis of Disease isn’t bad either.


Lippencott’s Illustrated Reviews and Katzung/Trevor Examination and Board Review are both good. The questions at the end of Katzung/Trevor are very difficult however. High Yield Pharmacology is surprisingly very good here also. “Pharm Cards” are excellent if as well, especially if you like the flash card type style.


Levinson/Jawetz Medical Microbiology and Immunology is excellent. High Yield Immunology provides more intensive information for those who are highly motivated. Medical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple is also great.



3rd Year


Internal Medicine:

You are given a copy of the MKSAP by the clerkship.  Multiple books are available for loan during the clerkship through the department.   Pocket Medicine is great to have on hand.  NMS Medicine is good, but long and dry. Pre test is great for exam prep.


Surgery Recall is hands down the best. NMS Is detailed, but it is good for a supplemental text.  PreTest and USMLE World (online) both provide excellent shelf style questions.


Blueprints in Pediatrics and Pediatrics Recall are the books to have here. If you need more detailed information, go with Rudolph’s Fundamentals of Pediatrics.   First Aid for Pediatrics tis excellent.  Pre-test is excellent for shelf practice.


Blueprints, First Aid, and  Recall are all excellent books for this clerkship.  PreTest is good for this too.


High Yield Psychiatry, along with Psychiatry Pearls.  PreTest works for this too.

Family Practice:

Blueprints for Family Medicine is great, and it is loaned to you by the Department of Family Medicine.  Sloan's Family Practice is good and has been used by the clerkship in the past.  As always, PreTest to practice shelf style questions.


Again, the Neurology Department loans books to you.  Some students like BRS neuro.  A great supplement is Neurology Recall as well as PreTest




* As you see, High Yield and Recall are Highly Recommended

Updated May 16, 2008