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Medical Students Area

Student Assembly Members for 2014-2015

Chair - Bryan Kidd; Vice Chair - Rustin Meister; Secretary - Rachel Wang

Class Officers:

Class of 2015

Chair: Bryan Kidd
Vice Chair: Katie Lowry
Secretary: Mike Gibson
Treasurer: Rachel Wang
Class Reps: Rustin Meister & Mykel Sepula
OSR Rep: Emily Perkins

Class of 2016

Chair: Michael Clanahan
Vice Chair: Ashley Norton
Secretary:Kate Blanquart
Treasurer: Cindy Gregory
Class Reps: Maddelynn Hawkins & Bilal Mahmood
OSR Rep: Jessica Healey

Class of 2017

Chair: Max Nutt
Vice Chair: Erik Wright
Secretary: Shawn Curry
Treasurer: Rachel Segal
Class Reps: Mike Ginnetti & Kyle Morgenstern
OSR Rep: Brock Kabat

Class of 2018

Chair: Max Crouse
Vice Chair: Blake O'Connor
Secretary: Siân Best
Treasurer: Lexi Scott
Class Reps: Matt Brewer & Thomas Hu
OSR Rep: Taylor Tabatabai

Student Assembly Meeting Schedule for 2014-2015

Meetings are 12:00-1:00 p.m. in the Lincoln Conference Room and videoconferenced to Lindegren Hall 310.

  • 09/03/2014
  • 10/01/14
  • 11/05/14
  • 12/03/14
  • 01/07/2015
  • 02/04/15
  • 03/04/15
  • 04/01/15
  • 05/06/15

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