Student-To-Student Tutoring Program

***** All sessions are strictly confidential. *****
** This service is restricted to Southern Illinois University Medical Students **

  • Overwhelmed by studying?
  • Having trouble with certain topics?
  • Can't find material on your learning issues?
  • Want to study more effectively or quit procrastinating?
  • Afraid you can't fit all that information in your head for upcoming exams?

If you said YES to any of these questions: Contact SIU School of Medicine's Student to Student Tutoring Program.

This service can arrange tutoring sessions for you to meet with a forth year medical student who was in your shoes not long ago. 

STS tutors can work with you on a variety of skills including:  Tutoring on topics you choose, identifying useful resources in textbooks or online, discussing how to organize material for USMLE preparation, or even just chatting once or twice to help ease the concerns of how to approach and fit into 2nd or 3rd year.

Everyone has difficulty learning and studying during their medical school career.  None of us can learn it all.  So, if you feel like you could use some help, then go ahead and let us help you.

Want to check it out or ask a question?  You can arrange as few as one session or a series of sessions.

For further information or to request sessions please contact:

Julie Robbs, MA
P.O. Box 19650
Springfield, IL 6294-96050
(217) 545-7800

Internet Resources

General Topics:  

Medical Disciplines:


Comprehensive / Global Reference Sites:

Harrison's Online (Access through SOM Library website)
MD Linx Abstracts, updated daily from medical literature in all specialties; email subscription for free
Medic Online Has everything.  Links to great sites for anatomy, surgery, radiology, wilderness medicine...everything. Incredible variety of links to online texts, PDA resources, patient sims, organizations, pt education sources, image search engines and much more
MedMark Medical Bookmarks Virtual hospital and consumer sections under each topic are most relevant; also lists all related organizations/societies/school departments. Thorough topic listings, with links to other related comprehensive sites as well. Well worth checking out.
Medscape Clerkship Image Sites, Journal synoptics, nature medicine, much more for med students
MedWorld Case reports, medicine links, diaries, DocTalkRadio, newsgroups, fiction articles, free homepages
Merck Manual  
National Guideline Clearinghouse

AHRQ from U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services.

A public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

RxPG RxPG has a comprehensive medical mnemonics database, clinical OSCE database, free online medical MCQ mock tests, medical downloads, rapid notes and study resources.
SIU-SOM MRC Link Variety of Medicine Topics
Student Doctor Extensive links to E-texts, E-zines, career & medicine resources, USMLE review sites, lots more.
USMLE rockers

USMLE ROCKERS is a pioneering online networking service conceived to help USMLE and Residency aspirants network with each other with ease. 

Learning and Studying in Med School

Memory Skills Quick reference quide for brain compatible memory principles.
Time Management Skills TBA

Physical Exam Skills

Auscultation Assistant Awesome source of heart, lung sounds; Some find headphones useful to simulate the stethoscope experience
Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrhythmias Incredible views of chest/neck with sound and visual diagrams of flow/sound patterns
Physical Diagnosis Screening Exam, Loyola PDF and power point lessons, QuickTime Skills Videos, flash cards, links to other exam sites
Rale Respiratory Listen to what crackles and rhonchi really sound like.

USMLE Exam Review

Exam Master CD and Online Question Sets, Exam Review program
Kaplan Medical Testing Review courses for purchase, can preview sample question banks, highly recommended by past students
PASS Program, Champaign, IL USMLE prep in 4 week and extended length series of review lectures, one-on-one tutoring and practice tests
USMLE Web Site Application, deadlines, etc
USMLE World Considered by many students as the best USMLE practice question source available.  USMLE not only simulates the questions, but also the computer based testing environment.  Note: This service does cost money.


Lumen Cross-Section Tutorial, Loyola University With images from Visible Human Project.
Lumen Learn 'Em, Loyola University Tables of well-known "lists to know" in anatomy.

Behavioral Sciences

Alcoholics Anonymous - the Big Book Online The original 12 step site, online textbook, more
National Sleep Foundation Documents on types of disorders, therapies, more; Links to related sites, Newsletter
Personality Theories Erikson, Freud, Jung, Fromm, Maslow, Piaget, et al

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, sponsored by NIH Info on CAM, alerts/advisories, also related research, funding opportunities


Clinical Dermatology Curriculum, American Academy of Dermatology Tutorials, Images, Review Questions on variety of derm topics
Dermatology Med Ed, Loyola Derm Atlas, Skin Anatomy/Histology, Mohs surgery
SIU Y1 Tissue Histology Notes, Dr. King Overview of basic tissue types with images and tutorial; Note - some links inactive or incomplete
Tattooing and Body Piercing Information PubMed and CDC article abstracts


Human Embryo Animations - Indiana University Effective pretests and animations.  Better than just reading books
Developmental Biology Online Step by step walk through of embryo complete with pictures


American Diabetes Association, for Health Professionals Practice recommendations (downloadable to PDA) and links to other resources including journals and books
Diagnosis and classification of Diabetes Mellitus AFP article, 1998, on new ADA and WHO criteria
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association  
Thyroid Disease Manager, Abbott
Algorithms, Textbook, Cases, thyroid links


Adult Immunizations, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Color Charts

Evidence-Based Medicine

EBM Sites & Teaching Resources Best evidence, Cochrane, Clinical Evidence, TRIP database, clinical trials, national guidelines, more

Family & Community Medicine

SIU Dept of Family & Community Medicine Links Clinical guidelines, Organizations, EBM, CAM, online texts & journals, PDA sites, Pt Education and more


National Hemophilia Foundation Information and Links on Hemophilia-related issues, for providers and patients
World Federation of Hemophilia Links to related medical sites, info on blood safety and related blood products


Histology World This histology site is chocked full of genuine educational histology material. It includes many high quality histology hints.
Histology World Test Bank A Test Bank for taking practice tests
Blue Histology Has quizes and lecture notes

Internal Medicine

MKSAP MKSAP for Students, book of IM review questions
Lumen Interpretive Skills Self-Evaluation, Loyola Lessons, self-quizzes on blood smears, chest films, EKG, PFTs, ABGs, acid-base;
InternalMD Linx Abstracts from top medicine journals, updated daily


Bacterial Infections, sponsored by NLM/NIH Variety of organism, current research, prevention, etc
National Center for Infectious Diseases, Viral Guidelines by Topic Guidelines, recommendations on viral prevention and treatment
TB Guidelines, CDC Comprehensive


Cranial Nerves, Yale Components, functions, excellent diagrams
Internet Stroke Center Consensus statements, basic stroke science, diagnosis, managment, Stroke Trials, more.
SIU Neurology Intranet Must be accessed through SIU computer, only by student. Excellent Neuro Exam; Disease overview; Access with Siuneuro/student99
Stroke Clinic Site, SIU Definitions, Risk factors, Treatments, Rehabilitation, Support
The Whole Brain Atlas CT/MRI films with variety of CNS disorders

Obstetrics & Gynecology

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Online Journal, women's issues
CDC Reproductive Health Information Source Articles, surveillance statistics, infant and women's health issues
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition  
National Cervical Cancer Coalition  
OB/Gyn Clerkship Web Page Handouts, cases, gyne exam overview, more


Association of Vision Science Librarians - U Iowa Very comprehensive list of links and references related to ophthalmology
Webvision - University of Utah Better retina specific site, good overall intro with anatomy and diagrams


IBS Web Sites Variety of links all related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome
PathMax Links to 100s of other sites for cases, tutorials, images on all pathology topics
Pathology Guy Free online pathology lectures and practice exams.  The website also includes free high yield facts to review for USMLE exams.


GENE Tests Information on genetic counseling, uses of genetic tests, glossary of 70+ genetic terms
Virtual Pediatric Hospital Great peds rads site


Household Products Database, NLM/NIH About everything under the kitchen sink and more, uses MSDS and other info sources
Medical Pharmacology and Disease-Based Integrated Instruction Very similar to Goodman and Gilman but Online!
Toxic Substances & Environmental Medicine Toxnet, Toxicology Tutor, OSHA and other sites


DSM-IV Online Click on links for DSM criteria and related discussion


Aunt Minnie Great website for news, cases, forums for discussion.  Also good for students applying to radiology residency as people may discuss it in your interviews. Probably the best all around med student rads site.  Has cases, film/ct/mr reviews and quizes at the level med students should know
Nuclear medicine teaching files, Washington University Unknown and diagnosed cases, searchable
Radiology teaching files, Univ. Washington Radiology anatomy teaching modules, cases, online musculoskeletal radiology text
University of Virginia Radiology Divided by radiology subspecialties.  Starts with modalities and anatomy through path
Virtual Pediatric Hospital Great pediatrics radiology site


Cardiothoracic Surgery Division - SIU Left side links to various diseases and surgical procedures
Otolaryngology - Baylor Core resident curriculum, includes head and neck exam
Otolaryngology, Mass General Eye & Ear Good general information, written to patient education level of detail
SIU Surgery Clerkship Links Sections for almost all surgical specialties

Recommended Review Books Page



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