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Lung Cancer

Like all surgeries, lung cancer surgery is most successful when performed by a specialist with a great deal of experience in the particular procedure.

SIU School of Medicine’s TOPS lung surgeons are among the most skilled in the state. They perform a large number of surgeries for lung cancer each year, using the least invasive and most effective techniques

Lung cancer may be treated with surgery alone or combined with other treatments. Chemotherapy or radiation may be given before surgery to shrink tumors. This is called induction or neoadjuvant therapy. 
Chemotherapy and or radiation therapy after surgery maybe added to help destroy cancer cells that may remain in the body.  This is called adjuvant therapy. Surgery is used less often for small cell lung cancer because this type of cancer spreads more quickly through the body and is not often found in the early stages when it is confined to the lungs.

The most common types of surgery for lung cancer are:

Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS): 

SIU School of Medicine’s TOPS  surgeons are specially trained and highly skilled at performing this minimally invasive surgery.  Wedge resections and lobectomy can be performed using VATS.  Post-operative pain is less and patients are able to leave the hospital sooner.

Other types of surgery

Sometimes surgery is needed to help problems caused by lung cancer or its treatment. This may include:


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