Surgery Clerkship Introduction

The first 8 months of a 3rd year Medical Student is spent rotating through 8 unique Core Clerkships. The student is paired with one preceptor for their 4 week surgery core clerkship.

The object of these 4-week-long clerkships is total immersion into a clinical setting. There will be no lectures or end-of-unit shelf exams to take students away from the clinical experience. Two overarching goals of this curriculum will be to socialize medical students into medicine and help students ‘find their people,’ i.e., choose a specialty to engage in for residency training and subsequent practice.

This rotation will not serve as a comprehensive course in surgery, but rather as a foundation for how surgery integrates into the overall care of patients.

The last 4 months of the 3rd year will be spent in a Personalized Education Program (PEP). This period of time is planned by the student and his/her advisors, allowing complete flexibility for the needs of the individual student and his/her clinical learning. The goal of the PEP is provide significant individualization responsive to students’ developmental goals, including those in need of intensive remediation, those wishing to explore and/or acquire advanced skills in areas of their choosing, and for a small number of gifted students, graduation by the end of the third year of medical school.

During the surgery PEP time, the student will spend time rotating through many different selectives that will help in the growth and goal achievement of the student.