Frequently Asked Questions

How many years is EM training at SIU?

Our residency is a 3 year training program

Who would do well at SIU?

The EM core faculty at SIU are highly motivated, dedicated, and most of all enthusiastic about our residency program, and we are looking for candidates that will share that same commitment and excitement towards their training . The residency at SIU involves working not as an individual but rather an active member of many different teams. One who is highly driven, energetic, with great interpersonal and leadership skills is someone who will do well at SIU.

How many shifts do residents work in the Emergency Department?

All residents work 10 hour shifts

Is there a CME allowance for residents?

Each resident receives an educational package which includes:

How much vacation do residents get?

Each resident will have 3 weeks of vacation each year.

How much ultrasound experience do residents get?

Resident ultrasound education begins during the orientation month with year directed introductory didactics and hands on skills labs. Multiple US machines are available for clinical use at both our main sites in Springfield and our rural site in Taylorville. Resident scans are archived and reviewed by the Director of Ultrasound, Dr. dela Cruz, with the most interesting scans summarized during the Ultrasound of the Month during didactic conference time. Residents also participate in supervised ultrasound shifts with Dr. dela Cruz where both the residents and him have no other clinical responsibilities. This allows for an "ultrasound teaching rounds" experience solely dedicated towards teaching point-of-care ultrasound techniques to the residents directly at the bedside. More information about our ultrasound experience can be found here

Do residents receive EMS experience?

Yes. Resident involvement with EMS includes a month dedicated to ride along experiences with Springfield ambulance and fire services. Residents also receive base station training and give educational lectures to local services. More information about our EMS experience can be found here

Are there educational opportunities for residents?

Yes. Residents participate in a longitudinal Residents as Teachers curriculum during the three years of training. Residents are very much involved in the development of residency didactics. Residents in the past have served as ATLS instructors for local courses, developed continuing medical education series for our pre-hospital providers, and lead medical student tutor groups that are the core of our medical schools problem-based learning curriculum. Residents are also involved running procedure and skills labs for medical students and extend their teaching skills at the bedside with rotating medical student during clinical shifts.

Is there a research requirement for residents?

Yes. Each resident is expected to have academic productivity during their training. Faculty assist residents in developing projects that include original research, manuscript writing, book chapters, case reports, abstract submission, presentation at regional, and national meetings. More information on our research curriculum can be seen here.

What electives are available to residents?

There are numerous elective opportunities. Residents have implemented rotations with EMS, Tactical Medicine, Rural EM, Wilderness Medicine, Disaster Medicine and Ultrasound in the past with great success and experiences. The faculty welcomes opportunities for future elective design with its residents.

Are there moonlighting opportunities?

Yes. Moonlighting requires both approval from the program director and a state license which in Illinois requires completion of 2 years of residency. SIU’s EM residency program has many partnerships with outside ED groups giving the senior SIU EM resident moonlighting opportunities.