Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a 3 or 4 year residency?
SIU is a 1-2-3 program.

Is there a research requirement?
In short, yes. SIU faculty will work with residents in developing a research project with the goal of abstract submission and presentation at a regional meeting.

EM residentsWho would do well at SIU?
The EM core faculty at SIU are highly motivated, dedicated, and most of all enthusiastic about our residency program, and we are looking for candidates that will share that same commitment and excitement towards their training . The residency at SIU involves working not as an individual but rather an active member of many different teams. One who is highly driven, energetic, with great interpersonal and leadership skills is someone who will do well at SIU.

Can residents moonlight?
Yes. However moonlighting requires both approval from the program director and a state license which in Illinois requires completion of 2 years of residency. SIU’s EM residency program has many partnerships with outside ED groups therefore giving the senior SIU EM resident many moonlighting opportunities both in urgent care and higher acuity settings.