What's New?

Alumni Day

Emergency Medicine recently held our first Annual Alumni Day last Thursday, June 19 and Dr. Griffen took a photo which includes representatives for all 5 of our classes - 3 graduates, current PGY1s, PGY2s and PGY3s, and 4 incoming interns.







What's new With SIU?

September 2012 - Memorial Medical Center Approves Expansion Memorial Medical Center, one of the primary educational sites for the residency, announces approval of a 145 million dollar expansion including a 28 million dollar learning and innovations center. This center will house multiple new and larger classrooms and lecture halls as well as a new skills laboratory and state of the art simulation center. Our own core faculty, Dr. McDowell and Dr. Kovach, sit on the planning committee!!! We thank Memorial Medical Center and their continued commitment towards improving the healthcare and medical education in central and southern Illinois!


October 2012 - Residency Kicks Off The Interview Season!!! With the first set of residency interviews scheduled for Novermber 1st, the residency kicks the season off with another fun video showing the strengths and growth of the program over the past few years.

Memorial Medical Center expansion

iPads imageAugust 2012 - Incoming residents receive their iPads. Residency releases "The Griffen 2.0" It has been well over a year since the residency first implemented its e-curriculum ("The Griffen 2.0"). What started first as a way to organize learning activities, archive lecture material, and to keep up with current technologies, the residency e-curriculum has grown into a fully integrated learning environment where our residents and faculty communicate and collaborate on many different levels. Every year the program supplies its residents with tablet computers to access the residency "cloud". There is housed core texts, asynchronous learning materials, journal club articles, core didactic podcasts, and other learning tools. With the release of "The Griffen 2.0", residents now can access most learning materials through the residency calendar and share in educational discussion and collaboration through the use of social media. Although in its infancy, the SIU EM residency e-curriculum is just another example of our commitment to educational innovation. Click below to check out our parody release ad for the new integrated residency calendar.

July 2012 - SIU Residents Organize First Of Many EMS Lecture Nights The SIU EM residency serves an area covered by over 80 different EMS systems. As part of an evolving effort to improve the healthcare needs of the people of central and southern Illinois our senior residents have organized a monthly EMS lecture series to aid in continuing medical education of our pre-hospital providers. The first night was a success with 26 participants participants from 7 different EMS systems. Topics covered included pre-hospital chest trauma and anaphylaxis treatment. We look forward to this ongoing relationship with our pre-hospital providers and thank all our residents for the hard work they did to put these together!!!