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ENT / Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Welcome to the web site of SIU Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, SIU School of Medicine. Our mission is to improve the health of people afflicted by diseases of the head and neck region through teamwork designed to provide optimal patient care, make new discoveries, and educate health care workers. The information outlined on our web site covers the key components of the program, each of which is important in order to achieve our mission.

Our physicians give expert clinical care covering all aspects of the specialty. In addition, most of the faculty have completed extra training as a sub-specialist. This enables us to provide patients with comprehensive programs in hearing and balance disorders, voice and upper airway disorders, Head and Neck Surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

We are particularly proud of the world class research team based in our division. Our investigators have made significant strides in the following areas of discovery: auditory and vestibular anatomy; pharmacology; physiology of taste and smell; Head and Neck Surgery clinical trials; tinnitus; and laryngology. In alphabetical order these are headed by Richard Bass, MD; Carol Bauer, MD ; Dr. Tom Brozoski, PhD; Don Caspary, PhD; Dr. Brandon Cox, PhD; Dana Crosby, MD, Sandra Ettema, MD, PhD, Pardis Javadi, MD, Matthew Johnson, MD, Leonard Rybak, MD, PhD and Arun Sharma, MD, MS . It is also noteworthy that eight otolaryngologists, six of whom are community-based, actively share their full-time practice to educate our trainees. Collectively, this unique interaction allows us to offer one of the best hands-on training experiences in the country.

We also strongly support the broader interests of medical education as well as research in medical education, an area in which our Department of Surgery and medical school are well recognized.

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